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Devon Allman

by The Staff on December 18, 2013


It’s easy to scoff at the children of famous musicians for riding the coattails of their parent’s success. And it’s just as easy to celebrate those musicians’ talent simply on the basis of their famous last names. Devon Allman would prefer you take his music at face value. Sure, he’s the son of Greg Allman, nephew of Duane, but there have never been fakers in the genre that all three deal in: raw, Southern blues rock.

Allman didn’t actually meet his famous father until he was 16, but the meeting became an instant apprenticeship. Over the years, the younger Allman has helmed a number of bands, including the Royal Southern Brotherhood with Cyril Neville. Now he’s struck out solo with a new record called Turquoise with guest appearances by North Mississippi Allstar Luther Dickinson.

Devon Allman will play Club Helsinki (405 Columbia St., Hudson) tonight (Thursday, Dec. 19) at 8 PM. Tickets are $20. Call 828-4800 for more info.