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True (Troy) Spirit

by The Staff on December 20, 2013

We’ve been asked to share this info by Duncan Crary, notable Troy personality and a Metroland Best Of recipient, on behalf of Daisy Bakers—a Troy restaurant and downtown mainstay. A fundraiser is being held to help out the staff of the eatery because it is closed due to major water damage. What the heck, we’re not total scrooges.

Residents, friends, business people, and the city officials of Troy are already rallying around the employees who are out of jobs in the height of the holiday season. 

Read Crary’s Facebook release below and help out if you can:


Monday Dec 23 @ Bacchus, Donations also accepted online

TROY (12/20/13) — A Troy restaurant is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the staff members of another city restaurant who could be out of work for months after a burst pipe destroyed their kitchen.

Starting at 5 p.m. this Monday night, Dec. 23, the kitchen and wait staff of Daisy Baker’s will “take over” Bacchus Wood Fired Pizza at 33 Second Street, offering the signature fine dining normally served in their landmark restaurant located upstairs in the same building. Proceeds from the evening’s sales will benefit the Daisy’s staff, who would otherwise be out of work during the busiest time of year. 

“We’re doing this so they can have their Christmas,” said Jim Scully owner of Bacchus. “This is just how it’s done in Troy, we look out for each other.” 

Bacchus is normally closed Monday nights, so offering his restaurant for the fundraiser was a “no brainer,” Scully said. 


On Wednesday night, Daisy Baker’s suffered a devastating loss in its kitchen due to a flood from a broken pipe above. It’s estimated that the restaurant will be closed for months. While insurance covers the contents of the kitchen, it does not cover the staff’s lost income, who rely on gratuities to earn their living. 

While insurance covers the contents of the kitchen, it does not cover the 10 staff members’ lost income, who rely on gratuities to make a living.


For those who would like to contribute to the staff of Daisy Baker’s but who cannot attend this Monday’s fundraiser at Bacchus, donations in any amount can be made online by credit card or PayPal account: 


Donations will be divided among the staff, with Daisy Baker’s matching 100 percent of the money raised.

“The damage to our kitchen is unbelievable and it’s devastating to think our staff could be out of work for months,” We’re like a family here, and like a family we will pull through this,” said Jared Horton Daisy Baker’s managing partner.

Horton says he will do everything he can to re-open his restaurant. 

“Daisy Baker’s is a Troy gem,” said Mayor Lou Rosamilia. “The city encourages you to lend a helping hand to the hard working staff in their time of need.”


Daisy Baker’s, is located on the first floor of 33 Second Street. It was in operation from 1974 until 1988. In 1999, Jim Scully purchased 33 Second Street and reopened a fully restored and improved Daisy Baker’s in 2000. Jared Horton, tended bar at Daisy’s for nine years before taking over operations from Scully as Managing Partner, 

The building is currently owned by developer Sanford “Sandy” Horowitz, who has been trying to sell his properties as part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. SEFCU, which provided loans to Horowitz, had been also planning to foreclose on the property.

While Bacchus Wood Fired Pizza sustained some damage after the pipe burst, that restaurant was re-opened for business Thursday night. It is unclear when Daisy Baker’s will re-open or how much repair work will be covered by that restaurant’s insurance, said Horton. 

“We have to do everything we can as a community to help Daisy’s re-open as soon as possible,” Scully said. “Daisy’s is the pre-eminent fine dining destination in downtown. It’s an institution. Everyone from all walks of life rubs elbows at the bar in Daisy’s.”

For information, visit: http://www.daisybakers.com/ orhttps://www.facebook.com/DaisyBakers