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Lincoln Money Shot

by Shawn Stone on December 24, 2013


photo by Thea Zajac

Thursday will see a gathering of notable musicians, in formulations old and new, who were popular among the Capital Region “cognoscenti” in the aughts. The lineup is Better Pills (aka Brent Gorton’s current band), Lincoln Money Shot, Small Axe and Gay Tastee. All of these musicians were profiled in Metroland, and most were on the cover.

Since they are now residents of the San Francisco area, it seemed logical to reintroduce Lincoln Money Shot to local music lovers. So I e-mailed them some questions, and they—Nick Carpenter and Mike Keegan—e-mailed back some answers. Also, they were the band who got a profile but not the cover.

How do you characterize that famous LMS sound?

NC: “Noisy, fast, glam rock. Loopy, druggy, doom-folk. I’ve been trying to sing like Carla Bozulich from Evangelista. And stealing riffs from Midwestern garage-punk cassettes.”

What are your influences?

MK: “Dollar tacos, drink specials, rental cars, effects pedals, discount LP bins, film festival after-parties.”

What’s new, gents?

NC: “We play infrequently in San Francisco because we’re both such big shots in the movie industry now, and time doesn’t allow it. In 2011, we put out a cassette, A Mugger in the Rain under the name Calms. (Calms is basically CAlifornia plus LMS). It’s the release I’m most proud of. Check it out at hollowhome.tumblr.com.”

Who chooses the songs?

NC “Mike and I each write our own songs, and trade off between guitar and drums—just like the old times! Last five shows we’ve played—which spans about the last three years—have each been almost entirely singular experiences. I think we’ve written a completely new set just about every time. So, we’ve probably both written a dozen songs that were never properly recorded or remembered. It’s the same story for this show. We’ve written a completely new set that luckily still feels a lot like what the old LMS shows felt like.”

Are these questions too . . . probing?

MK: “‘Feel free to ask me anything,’ Keegan says, dramatically rolling his eyes.”

What about your jug band-origins?

MK: “Mutual Emmett Otter fans, we met in high school but neither of us could afford to put a hole in the washtub.”

Explain your compelling mythology.

NC: “Our outsized personalities have resulted in some fantastic myths about who Lincoln Money Shot were as a band. People might think we’re unapproachable geniuses based on all the crazy stories they may have heard about our ‘epic’ shows and ‘historically significant’ CD releases. Did we really wear fake beards years before people knew beards were comedy goldmines? Perhaps. People should know that we’re two regular guys who just want to share the tunes that grow out of our mad journey, trying to navigate this crazy world!”

Any final thoughts?

MK: “The set we’re playing on Dec. 26 at Valentine’s is a well-executed pop set that reflects our evolution from teeny bop noise heartthrobs of Albany to middle-aged combat vets.”

Lincoln Money Shot, Small Axe, Better Pills and Gay Tastee will perform Thursday (Dec. 26) at 8 PM at Valentine’s (17 New Scotland Ave., Albany). No price is listed on the club’s website, but don’t expect to get in for nothing. (Bring sufficient beer money plus $10 to be safe.) For more info, call 432-6572.


UPDATE: Quotes added around “cognoscenti” because Albany.