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Blue Plastic Bubbles, American Playlist

by The Staff on January 30, 2014



UAlbany’s University Art Museum has two important exhibits opening this week: Blue Plastic Bubbles: Paintings by Lamar Peterson, and American Playlist: Selections from the University at Albany Art Collection.

Lamar Peterson’s Blue Plastic Bubbles is a retrospective of the last decade of the artist’s “darkly comic” depictions of the “American Dream.” American Playlist samples UAlbany’s significant art collection; pictured is Eduardo Paolozzi’s Why children commit suicide. read next month’s issue, General Dynamic F.U.N. (1965-70).

Blue Plastic Bubbles and American Playlist open Tuesday (Feb. 4) at the University Art Museum (University at Albany, 1400 Washington Ave., Albany) and will remain on view through April 5. There will be two events on Feb. 25: an artist’s talk with Lamar Peterson at 4 PM, followed by a reception for both exhibits from 5 to 7 PM. For more info, call the gallery at 442-4038.