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Big Gigantic

by Elyse Beaudoin on February 20, 2014 · 1 comment


Albums don’t seem to mean much in the world of EDM. The generally young and tech-savvy fan base accesses full-length streaming catalogues effortlessly and at no cost. Album releases have become more of a jumping-off point for tours. Livetronic duo Big Gigantic released their latest recording The Night Is Young on Feb. 11, just one day before the start of their winter tour.

The Night Is Young is a party album. This 35-minute dirty dancing thump fest differs from the more soulful sound that distinguished Big Gigantic in the beginning of their career. Their signature blend of drums and saxophone has moved from smooth-jazz electronica to a more mainstream mix of house, dubstep, trap and nu-disco. The title track, featuring sexy electro-pop duo Cherub reflects Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” sporting the latest sonic trend of recycled 1970s disco-pop and soul with an electronic backbeat. “Touch the Sky” mixes popular contemporary electronic styles. House vocals and bass turn into a dubstep beat and then ratcheting trap. These three styles can also be found in the album’s first song, “Clvdbvrst,” and in “Let’s Go!”

Constant touring has definitely had an effect on Big Gigantic’s sound by pushing it toward what is popular, but they haven’t completely abandoned their roots. Dominic Lalli still weaves sultry saxophone into all the tracks, which often saves them from a bland beat. And even though more current sounds are prominent, the album still incorporates hip-hop, jazz and funk. Some of these tracks include “Blue Dream,” “Just for the Thrill” and “Shooting Star.”

Although The Night Is Young is not as dynamic as some of Big Gigantic’s previous albums, they will most likely use the album as a base for the improvisation that energizes their live performances.