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Taj Mahal

by The Staff on February 20, 2014



Twenty-fourteen marks 50 years of making music for bluesman Taj Mahal. The two-time Grammy-winning artist is considered a pioneer of world music. He specializes in mixing traditional American blues with music from lands as disparate as the Caribbean, West Africa, Latin America and the Hawaiian islands. His sounds are a colorful blend of all the instruments he can play—guitar, harmonica, banjo and trombone, to name a few.

Mahal incorporates a wide variety of genres into his music, combining elements of reggae, gospel, country, blues and rock to produce the unique sound he has become known for.

Taj Mahal will perform Thursday (Feb. 20) at 8 PM at Club Helsinki (405 Columbia St., Hudson). Tickets are $85. For more info, call the club at 828-4800.