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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone on March 6, 2014


MEMORIES, THEN THE MOVIE  Tomorrow (Friday, March 7), the Williams College Museum of Art will hold a special storytelling evening in honor of the “monuments men,” the team of art historians and curators who traveled war-torn, World War II-era Europe trying to protect the great art works of Western Civilization—and search for whatever the Nazis had already stolen. Beginning at 6 PM, WCMA director Christina Olsen will host an “intimate storytelling session” about monuments men S. Lane Faison and Charles Parkhurst. The featured guests will be Carol Clark, the wife of Charles Parkhurst, and Gordon Faison, who is the son of Lane Faison. According to the good folks at WCMA, “Together they will explore the impact these men had on the development of future arts leaders and the evolution of the museum.” Pictured is Paintings Looted From Holland: S. Lane Faison Jr., Williams College class of ’29 (center), discusses an exhibition of Dutch masters’ work that toured 13 U.S. cities after the war, including a two-week run at the Lawrence Art Museum at Williams. After the discussion, head over Images Cinema for the 9:15 PM screening of George Clooney’s film, The Monuments Men, which will play through March 13. For more info, visit wcma.williams.edu.


TONIGHT, TONIGHT  Actually, it’s not tonight—it’s Monday night. The Palace Theatre (19 Clinton Ave. Albany) will be screening the legendary musical West Side Story. Winner of a boatload of Oscars, the Leonard Bernstein-Arthur Laurents-Jerome Robbins-Stephen Sondheim musical reworking of Romeo and Juliet in 1950s New York City is very much of its time, but the musical score is timeless. And since it was filmed in Super Panavision 70 (this is the part where I start getting excited), it looks fricken’ great. Is it a perfect film? No. There are, ahem, lingering casting issues. As film critic Glenn Kenny recently wrote, while Natalie Wood (left)is miscast as the Puerto Rican lead, she’s still Natalie Wood. (And she’s awesome.) But is West Side Story wildly entertaining? Yes. The screening is Monday (March 10) at 7 PM. Tickets are $5 adults, $3 kids. For more info, visit palacealbany.com.



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