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Jonathan Richman

by The Staff on March 12, 2014

Modern Lover Jonathan Richman logged a handful of legendary solo performances back in the glory days of Valentine’s (ahhh, memories. . .). So, it’s only fitting that he should play the first really big bill at the soon-to-be-legendary Low Beat.

There’s not a whole lot of new info to tell you about Richman, so, suffice to say, his 28-album catalog more or less speaks for itself. The new-wave icon penned some of the great post-Velvets, proto-punk hits of his era, including “Road Runner” and “Pablo Picasso” with his original band, and has about 1,000 more titles you can call out in vain when he squeezes onto that cozy little stage with drummer Tommy Larkins.

Jonathan Richman will play the Low Beat (335 Central Ave., Albany) on Monday (March 17) at 8 PM. Tickets are $12. Call 432-6572 for more info.