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Strange Cloak—Sub-Flight Infinity

by The Staff on March 20, 2014


Any basshead will tell you: If you pump enough wattage through a subwoofer, it will make you fly.

This isn’t exactly Sabisha Friedberg’s thesis for Strange Cloak—Sub-Flight Infinity, but bear with us. The Bard-educated composer and sound designer has been a 2014 EMPAC artist-in-residence, and this is one of two works she’ll be offering this spring (the second is an immersive sound environment). Strange Cloak is a “work in progress investigating the relationships of levitation, suspension and low-end thresholds.” The mediums include performance, sculpture and light-box cinema.

So, if you find yourself lifting out of your seat, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Sabisha Friedberg will perform Strange Cloak—Sub-Flight Infinity at EMPAC (110 8th St., Troy) on Friday (March 21) at 8 PM. Admission is free. Call 276-3921 for more info.