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Walter Kirn

by The Staff on March 20, 2014


When the story of Clark Rockefeller hit the front pages of both the tabloids and the Times back in the late aughts, it was as if The Talented Mr. Ripley had turned out to be a biography instead of fiction. “Rockefeller” wasn’t actually a member of the illustrious family, but he had managed to charm his way into the upper reaches of Manhattan society. This was despite the fact that he ultimately proved to be a con artist, kidnapper and murderer. (He’s currently serving a life sentence in state prison.)

One of those Rockefeller conned was the journalist and novelist Walter Kirn (Thumbsucker, Up in the Air), who will be at the University at Albany on Tuesday evening to read from his new nonfiction book about his longtime “friend,” Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, A Mystery and a Masquerade.

The New York State Writers Institute will present Walter Kirn on Tuesday (March 25) at 8 PM in the University at Albany Performing Arts Center Recital Hall (1400 Washington Ave., Albany). Admission is free. For more info, call 442-5620.