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by David King on April 9, 2014



Philadelphia’s Nothing have nothing new to offer their genre, and lyrically they have absolutely nothing new to say. That does not mean their album isn’t worth a listen. They are the unlikeliest of buzz bands—especially considering their debut full length is a dreamy shoegaze album on a label known for supporting some of the most innovative and aggressive metal acts in the world. The kind of fuzzed-out power chords and whispered vocals that return on song after song of Guilty of Everything bear striking resemblance to the Smashing Pumpkins ’90s catalog. The chord changes, choruses and even beats play out like slowed-down or sped-up tunes thanks to the cranked-up distortion that swallows the band’s dreamy riffs. It’s hard to justify the excitement around Nothing with genre innovators like My Bloody Valentine having just issued another shoegaze masterpiece and Dinosaur Jr. touring like it’s 1994. Next to them, Nothing sound like a garage-grunge band, but maybe that is the point. The sound of Guilty of Everything isn’t enveloping and overwhelming like the last MBV and it isn’t steeped in the broken-down heartache of Dinosaur Jr’s latest. Guilty of Everything is dumb, ham-fisted and unapologetic. Bandleader Domenic Palermo previously served in a number of punk and hardcore bands before serving a two-year stint for attempted murder and aggravated assault. Nothing’s dreamscapes may not be innovative, but they are comforting, and in certain spots feel redemptive.