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Hitchcock Week at the Madison

by The Staff on April 10, 2014


The Master of Suspense holds court at Albany’s Madison Theater this week with four terrific films: Dial “M” for Murder, Rear Window, North by Northwest and The Birds. To sum up, respectively: a murderous husband plots the killing of his faithless wife; a voyeur in a leg cast thinks his neighbor across a New York City courtyard is a murderer; a Mad man is mistaken for a spy and must flee for his life across a dozen states and the face(s) of a national monument; and our feathered friends turn murderous toward humanity in a small coastal town.

The photo? That’s Grace Kelly in mortal danger in Dial “M” for Murder.

Dial “M” for Murder and Rear Window will screen Friday-Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday at 7 PM; North by Northwest and The Birds will screen Friday-Sunday and Tuesday-Thursday at 9:30 PM at the Madison Theater (1036 Madison Ave., Albany). All tickets are $5. For more info, call 438-2094.



UPDATE: Updated to indicate that it is the flat, not 3D, version of Dial “M” for Murder being shown.