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Albany History Fair

by The Staff on May 1, 2014


Ma’am, your Tang is served.

That’s Tang as in the orange-powder drink from era of the Kennedy administration, not the priceless porcelain, because Historic Cherry Hill will have a “Tang stand” (and retro snacks) on hand on Sunday, when the historic yellow mansion on South Pearl Street best known for exemplifying the aristocratic leisure class of bygone centuries hosts this year’s Albany History Fair. The historic house will be swinging for a groovy celebration of the city à la 1964, in conjunction with special tours to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Cherry Hill’s founding as a museum. The theme is 1964, so think bell bottoms, fringed vests, go-go boots and back-comb bouffants, because there will be a contest for best costume and a contest for best hula-hooper. Or you may just want to look the part while doing the Watusi to a live broadcast of ’60s music by WABY or being part of the “studio audience” for a game of Jeopardy! hosted by Don Rittner with contestants Paul Grondahl, Tammis Groft and Tony Opalka. In addition, there will be a scavenger hunt for families, displays by area history organizations, and presentations by Historic Albany Foundation and the Underground Railroad History Project. And if you can’t do the Watusi, you can do the Mashed Potatoes, or you can do the Alligator . . .

The Albany History Fair at Historic Cherry Hill (529 S. Pearl St., Albany) is happening on Sunday (May 4) from noon to 4 PM. Admission is free. For more info, call 434-4791.