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Justin Timberlake

by The Staff on July 10, 2014

Times Union Center, Wednesday


He owns restaurants, has his own clothing company, produces records, acts in major motion pictures, and he sings a little too. Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy to Albany with his 20/20 World Tour. His most recent release was the double album The 20/20 Experience, which came out a little over a year ago and has managed to sell more than 4 million copies to date. Timberlake’s neo-soul sound is amplified in this album, with the average song length reaching around seven minutes. With his popularity fully secure, it’s evident he took this album as an opportunity for experimentation, slightly cutting away from his pop roots. Whatever Timberlake chooses to do, it’s clear he rarely disappoints. (July 16, 8 PM, 51 S. Pearl Street, Albany, 487-2000)