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Matt Nathanson

by The Staff on August 21, 2014

Upstate Concert Hall, Wednesday



UPDATE: pay no attention to this preview. It is in error.


Let’s face it, there is no single “mainstream” anymore to talk about independent artists breaking into. The closest thing to really “making it” these days, is getting a track picked up by a commercial or TV show. Scrubs, One Tree Hill, NCIS, the Vampire Diaries: These are the places you’ve likely heard the music of Matt Nathanson. Last of the Great Pretenders came out last year, but Nathanson is back on the road with a new single “Headphones” and a forthcoming tour with Gavin Degraw. For this one, he’ll be joined by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Matt Mackelcan. (Aug. 27, 8 PM, $28, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)