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Alexis Abb

Email: aabb@albany.edu

Alexis Abb

Dreams Come True

by Alexis Abb May 10, 2012


In the world of St. Forget, a prehistoric magic has a hold on the dispirited, washed-up fishing town. The townspeople wander through their daily lives in a haze, and except for the witches among them, ...

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Bobcats! They’re Everywhere!

by Alexis Abb March 1, 2012


“It seems they [the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation] are trying to manage something that isn’t a problem,” said John Sheehan, director of communications for the Adirondack Council. Sheehan is referring to the ...

Gentleman Seeketh Matrimony

by Alexis Abb February 9, 2012

A worthy plump, fresh, free and willing Widdow . . . is in great distresse for want of a Lancktaradiddledino, and would accept of any man that is Able to labour in her Corporation. . ...