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Amy Halloran

Amy Halloran

The Farmer and the Well

by Amy Halloran November 22, 2011


Last Thursday, anti-drilling contingents held a press conference in Binghamton before the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s hearing on fracking. One of the speakers, ecologist Sandra Steingraber, held up a mason jar of ...

Over the River and Through My Life

by Amy Halloran November 10, 2011


Thanksgiving is glued to America as surely as baseball and apple pie. Even if you feel uncomfortable about celebrating a mythical meal that represents the appropriation of the better part of a continent, you’ll likely ...

Bakers’ Square

by Amy Halloran October 20, 2011


On a bright, warm September Sunday, people stroll and shop amid the ring of tents and vendors that constitute the farmers market in the park behind Hubbard Hall in Cambridge. Some of them wander over ...

Cooking Up Community

by Amy Halloran September 22, 2011


Like “a rock band of chefs”—that’s how Martin Ping, director of Hawthorne Valley Farm, described the Chef’s Consortium when the group recently did a gig there. Yes, these chefs gig just like bands, and they ...

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Farm Aid 2011

by Amy Halloran September 22, 2011


Farmers are still coping with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene, clearing debris and reorganizing greenhouses cluttered by floods—if the greenhouse didn’t wash away altogether. Many farmers have documented crop losses with pictures, and brought ...

Water, Water, Everywhere

by Amy Halloran August 31, 2011


While the overall impact of Tropical Storm Irene on regional agriculture can’t be measured yet, the blow the floods dealt to area farms is very apparent. The Farm Bureau is currently working with state and ...

Fair Trade

by Amy Halloran August 17, 2011


Tequila infused with strawberries and raspberries. Spicy dill pickles. Jalapeño jelly. Peach-raspberry crisp. Granola. Pesto. Smores. Whoopie pies and a dozen eggs. What’s this, a shopping list? Nope. These are the things people brought to ...

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Woes of the Pioneer

by Amy Halloran July 28, 2011

The Pioneer Market in Troy is struggling to stay afloat, and not hiding it. Last week the Troy Community Food Cooperative sent a notice to its owners detailing some of the financial woes the store ...

The Omnivore’s Delight

by Amy Halloran July 20, 2011

Michael from Kilpatrick Family Farm in Washington County's Granv

"Can we put it here?” a woman asks a vendor at the Saratoga Farmers Market on a Saturday in July.The vendor is Jeff Bowers of Sweet Spring Farm in Argyle. He keeps 35 goats on ...

Nature’s Candy

by Amy Halloran June 1, 2011


Summer to me is trapping the sunlike shape and flavor of peaches in jars. In the years I’ve missed the ritual of buying a case of peaches and turning them into jam, the season felt ...

Radical is Feasible

by Amy Halloran April 20, 2011


Ten years ago, writing about food on Earth Day might have been seen as a stretch. However, the connection between personal and planetary fuels is becoming evident to more and more ...

You’re So Old School

by Amy Halloran March 31, 2011

thumb_barber shop_jp

Businesses have to be flexible, ready to respond to the changes of a fickle public. So goes the logic that drives many enterprises. There’s another way of running a ...


No to Mutant Food?

by Amy Halloran March 10, 2011

Food activist Gianni Ortiz is calling for statewide moratoriums on recently approved genetically modified organisms (GMOs) following the United States Department of Agriculture’s recent actions on three genetically modified crops. Late in January, the USDA fully ...

Farmers of the Future?

by Amy Halloran March 9, 2011


Though jars of pickled eggs are more common at bars than high schools, a pint of pickled eggs sat on a table in the library at Albany High School last Friday. ...


Courting Good Taste

by Amy Halloran February 9, 2011


Though I’ve never been presented with a heart-shaped box of chocolates (hint, hint), I’ve been wooed by plenty of food. Who hasn’t? I especially remember the meals that flopped. The presentation of coffee at midnight, ...

Blue-Ribbon Bounty

by Amy Halloran September 8, 2010

On a Wednesday morning before the Schaghticoke Fair officially begins at noon, three boys on bikes ride on paved paths, looking like an ad for childhood. The place is a quiet buzz of final preparations. ...

Do (Some of) It Yourself

by Amy Halloran July 11, 2010

The expense of weddings drives many to consider the do-it-yourself package. Someone has a barn, someone plays a fiddle, and grandma makes picture-perfect cakes—why not let your friends and family invent your wedding day? The problem ...

Still Crazy

by Amy Halloran February 11, 2010

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but you need a lot more ways to figure out how to stay. This is because the powerful feelings that come from falling in love don’t ...

D For Deficient

by Amy Halloran January 14, 2010

A few years ago, sleep apnea seemed the medical problem of the moment. Today, it’s vitamin D deficiency. If you haven’t been diagnosed yourself, ask your friends and relatives. There’s a good chance someone in ...

The Open Mind

by Amy Halloran January 14, 2010

You may know hypnosis from the movies and associate it with the phrase “You are getting very sleepy,” droned by an untrustworthy man to a curvaceous young woman. Also required for the scene is a ...