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Cecelia Martinez

Email: cmartinez@metroland.net

Cecelia Martinez

A New Contender

by Cecelia Martinez December 8, 2011

Albany defense attorney Lee Kindlon officially announced his candidacy for Albany County district attorney last week, kicking off a campaign that sets its sights squarely on current D.A. David Soares and an office that Kindlon ...

City Hall Overhaul

by Cecelia Martinez November 16, 2011

Democrats in Troy once again maintained majority control of the City Council, and also picked up the mayor’s office in this year’s elections, but politicians on both sides of the aisle are optimistic that the ...

Trojan Horserace

by Cecelia Martinez November 3, 2011

After nearly eight years with current Mayor Harry Tutunjian, the city of Troy will soon find a new leader in either Republican candidate Carmella Mantello or Democratic candidate Lou Rosamilia, and the election is shaping ...

Occupation Nation

by Cecelia Martinez October 27, 2011


With the immediate threat of ejection, arrest and other police intervention mostly subsided, the protesters participating in Occupy Albany at Academy Park are transitioning their focus, with many preparing to settle in for a long ...

Lost Pioneer

by Cecelia Martinez October 19, 2011

Just 10 days after celebrating its first year in business, the Pioneer Market in downtown Troy, also known as the Troy Community Food Co-op, announced it would be closing its doors for good in an ...