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Darryl McGrath

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Darryl McGrath

Rack ’em Up

by Darryl McGrath July 14, 2011

Finally, in a city where the best option for locking your bicycle has long been the nearest wrought-iron fence, bike racks are popping up everywhere. The selection alone is noteworthy, as racks can be seen on ...

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The Architecture of Health Care

by Darryl McGrath June 16, 2011

thumb_Loren Moore, Youth Facilitator_lz

Urban community-based health-care clinics are often crammed into ill-suited, makeshift quarters in old buildings, with the clinic barely fitting into the space instead of the space fitting the clinic’s needs. So imagine a clinic facing the ...

The Hole Story

by Darryl McGrath June 8, 2011

Yes, we know it’s almost strawberry season, and temperatures are in the 90s, but that really was a pothole you just drove over—and a big one at that. Wheel-jarring reminders of last winter abound throughout the ...

My Best Summer Ever

by Darryl McGrath June 2, 2011


My Best Summer Ever Metroland writers reach back into the grab-bag of memories and recount their seasons of a lifetime   Letters From a Soldier In the spring of 1968, my older sister met a young man at ...

The Missing Link

by Darryl McGrath April 13, 2011


The Land of Painted Caves By Jean Auel Crown, 768 pages, $30 Before there was Harry Potter, long before there was Twilight, there was the story of an orphaned little girl who lived in a fantastic, ...