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David Greenberger

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David Greenberger

Petra Haden

by David Greenberger April 11, 2013

  Petra Haden long ago surpassed the coolness factor of being one of the triplet daughters of jazz bassist Charlie Haden with a rich slew of musical endeavors. Most notable among these have been her multitracked ...

Gift Guide: CDs Off the Beaten Path

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

While there’s access to more music than ever, the reality is that most new music has little chance of being heard outside of the following that already exists for it. With that in mind, here ...

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Gift Guide: Music Books

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

There are musical biographies and memoirs aplenty this year. Top among them are two books that follow the artistic search and ascendancy of a pair of New Jersey-based acts: Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo. ...

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The Ventures

by David Greenberger November 8, 2012


I turned 13 when the Ventures’ Super Psychedelics album was released in June 1967, and I received it for my birthday. This marked my first encounter with the word psychedelic. I’d been following the Ventures ...

Sean Rowe

by David Greenberger August 16, 2012


Last year, ANTI- reissued Sean Rowe’s 2009 Magic, and now comes his first recording created in the spotlight of that album’s success. The Salesman and the Shark makes subtle use of the opportunities that have ...

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Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby

by David Greenberger May 10, 2012

The 20 or so attendees at Valentine’s the Saturday before last already know, so this message is for everyone else: The next time Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby play in town, be one of those ...

Lee Feldman

by David Greenberger May 10, 2012


Some 40 years ago, John Simon, largely on the strength of his successful work as a producer, was signed to Warner Bros. records and made two albums for them. The beautifully written songs were coupled ...

Randy Newman

by David Greenberger November 10, 2011

In 2003, the year he turned 60, Randy Newman released his Songbook Vol. 1. While eight years seems like a long time to return to the studio to reconsider songs from his own catalog, alone ...

Andrew Bird, Dosh

by David Greenberger October 20, 2011


The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is ideally suited to acoustic music, designed and built in the pre-electronic era. While amplification is generally a necessary component in nonorchestral presentations, it was judiciously deployed in service ...

Jad Fair

by David Greenberger July 27, 2011


Over the past 35 years, Jad Fair has managed to never lose his utter believability. That’s no small feat. Some call him a primitive, an intuitive, or an outsider, but none of those terms really ...

The High Llamas

by David Greenberger May 11, 2011


Sean O’Hagan’s High Llamas are back after a four-year absence (during which time O’Hagan kept busy with numerous other projects). This is a world built upon the traditions of Van ...

Brad Shepik Quartet

by David Greenberger May 4, 2011


Such is the shadow cast by Gary Burton’s quartets of the ’60s and early ’70s that any foursome of vibes, electric guitar, bass and drums can be seen as riding across ...

Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell

by David Greenberger March 30, 2011


LAGRIMAS MEXICANAS Restless explorer Bill Frisell has found a resonantly simpatico collaborator in Vinicius Cantuária. Frisell’s multiple guitars and loops are braided with Cantuária’s percussion, vocals and acoustic guitar. With both men questing beyond the music ...

Two Giants, Sitting

by David Greenberger February 9, 2011

With a simple announcement of “Ladies and gentlemen, John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett,” the two men strode out to center stage, taking their seats beside one another. Hiatt commenced the music with his “My Old ...

The Egg

Ben + Vesper

by David Greenberger January 19, 2011


This second full-length release (there have also been some EPs) by Ben + Vesper is my entry point. I’ve heard nothing prior, but now most likely will, once I’m over being intrigued by the catchy ...

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Universal Doldrums

by David Greenberger January 12, 2011


No longer affiliated with any label, Cowboy Junkies are flexing their muscles as they pass their 25th anniversary. They launched a series of four albums last year, the rest of which will be appearing over ...

Kindred Spirits

by David Greenberger September 9, 2010

Early in his career, a young Jackson Browne bore the benefit of fortuitous circumstances (his song “These Days” was first covered when he was just 18, and there were six versions of it by other ...

Moby Grape

by David Greenberger August 18, 2010

Moby Grape’s spectacular flame-out is an often-told tale in the annals of rock music history. It’s not hard to imagine its elements of good and evil, bright expectations, dashed hopes, and madness becoming a bedtime ...

Rattle and Hum

by David Greenberger March 10, 2010

The eponymously titled second album by the Blasters was released on Slash/Warner Bros. in 1981, the band’s step up into the big leagues after an independent label debut the year prior. The iconic cover was ...