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Jaired Crofut

Email: crofutj807@strose.edu

Jaired Crofut

The New Subterraneans

by Jaired Crofut September 7, 2012

thumb_Anton_HudsonRiverCoffeeHouse as.

Albany’s “student ghetto” is filled with everything one might expect a self-proclaimed “slum” to have: red plastic cups and cigarette butts littering the streets, jocks sporting oversized basketball shorts and lacrosse sticks, and the sound ...

Toward a Living Wage

by Jaired Crofut August 23, 2012

  “When you look at the minimum wage that exists in New York state, every New Yorker should be totally embarrassed,” said Deputy Senate Minority Leader Neil Breslin at a press conference at the Albany Labor ...

The Barter System

by Jaired Crofut August 16, 2012

On Sunday evening (Aug. 12), community group Troy Shares held its third skills-share meeting of 2012 at the Oakwood Community Center at Hoosick and 10th streets. The group was formed in 2010 by Emily Rossier, ...

Rough Mix

by Jaired Crofut August 9, 2012


Dawn of the Microfestival “The big thing I learned is not to overbook yourself,” says Shane Frasier, the 26-year-old behind Saturday’s Behemoth Music Festival—Albany at the Hudson River Coffee House.The idea began in 2010 when Frasier ...

Down on the Corner

by Jaired Crofut July 26, 2012

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Every week for the past 18 years, Cecil Myrie has been playing his banjo on a Broadway bench in Saratoga Springs. His presence has become so well-known that most other street performers know not to ...