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Jason Chura

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Jason Chura

Open Book

by Jason Chura August 11, 2011

With Bethlehem town supervisor Sam Messina’s decision to not seek another term this year, Bethlehem residents find themselves presented with innovative approaches to local government in the upcoming election. Front-runner Kyle Kotary, a Bethlehem Town Board ...

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Back on the Beat

by Jason Chura July 28, 2011


They tell stories of bullet holes in window glass, fighting, stabbings, shootings, armed robbery, riotous late night gatherings, casual drug sales on quiet corners, implied violence. Crimes and scenarios that have become common in some ...


On the Lines

by Jason Chura July 6, 2011

A lawsuit has been filed against Albany County and the Albany County Board of Elections, charging that the county and board failed to uphold the rights of minority voters when they neglected to include a ...


by Jason Chura June 23, 2011

It’s been a chaotic race for the candidates in the Democratic primary for Albany County’s newly defined 6th legeslative district seat. Incumbent Brian Scavo said he will run again, but it was unclear who ...

Jennings Chickens Out

by Jason Chura May 18, 2011

Jennings announced on Friday that he would veto the ordinance, passed 8-7 by the Albany Common Council on May 2, that would have granted Albany city dwellers the ability to operate backyard chicken coops. “The mayor ...

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Coming Home to Roost

by Jason Chura May 5, 2011

Last weekend, Mike Guidice and Jen Pursley cleaned out their chicken coops in hopes of preparing for the homecoming of at least part of their eight-bird flock. On Monday, the ...

Playing Chicken

by Jason Chura April 14, 2011

The Albany Chicken Coalition, led by Michael Guidice and Jen Pursley, was started after the couple’s eight-bird coop was shut down by the city last year. According to Guidice, chickens are an important part of ...

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Just Add Color

by Jason Chura April 6, 2011


In years past, the racial diversity of the Albany Police Department, or lack thereof, has been raised as a priority issue just before the police exam. Like a fragile, degenerating antique, they poke it, lament ...


Keep the Change

by Jason Chura March 16, 2011

With the recent Federal corruption charges leveled against Sen. Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William Boyland, renewed calls for ethics reform are sure to come. Sen. Liz Krueger was a bit ahead of ...

Bill’s in the House

by Jason Chura March 10, 2011

In front of a lavender backdrop lit by swirling lights and before 4,500 cheering students, faculty, and alumni, President-turned-international-philanthropist Bill Clinton took the SEFCU Arena Stage at the University at Albany on March 2. The ...

About That Pledge…

by Jason Chura March 3, 2011

From a dais packed with figures from throughout state government, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch solemnly delivered news of his meeting earlier that day with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau County) to ...

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An End to Gerrymandering?

by Jason Chura February 23, 2011

Redistricting time is almost upon us; the time when the controlling party of state Senate and Legislature celebrates its majority rule through the act of adjusting district boundaries to reflect national census results. These borders ...

Here Comes the Pain

by Jason Chura February 2, 2011

For much of the past month, there has been an air of somber resignation as state government braced for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive budget. With Cuomo’s popularity soaring in the 70-percent range, most seemed prepared ...

Opening Government

by Jason Chura January 26, 2011

For some, the Capitol Building has become a grim metaphor for the current condition of the state’s government. Though for the past decade the edifice has been in various stages of renovation, both within and ...