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John Brodeur

John Brodeur

No-Thrill Zone

by John Brodeur September 26, 2012


  The PG-13 horror movie is a tricky prospect. On the rare occasion such a work is successful (i.e. The Ring) it’s usually due to a carefully constructed plot and strong, evocative direction. House at the ...

They Fight

by John Brodeur January 26, 2012


The story of the Tuskegee Airmen is one of the great narratives of World War II. Trained near the end of the war, they were the first African-American pilots in a still-segregated military. The sole ...

Rough Mix

by John Brodeur February 2, 2011


AFRO-GRAM Saratoga Springs’ own Phantogram made their network-TV debut on Wednesday with a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The duo, who are currently prepping a new EP for release this spring (we think), ...

A Real Cool Time

by John Brodeur September 8, 2010

It’s all true: The New York installment of All Tomorrow’s Parties is the best U.S. music fest going by an easy mile. Kutsher’s, the last of the kosher Castkills resorts, is a beautifully decrepit time ...

The Major Lift

by John Brodeur August 4, 2010

In the waning days (or we should hope) of a seemingly ceaseless heatwave, one wouldn’t be blamed for thinking summer has all but reached its end—though we’re only about halfway there. On the bright side, ...

Talk About It

by John Brodeur February 25, 2010

I love the ’80s. Who doesn’t? All those great buddy-cop films and that sublime blend of action and comedy—they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. Not that they don’t try. With Cop Out, director Kevin ...

This is the New Year

by John Brodeur January 28, 2010

Spoon Transference The Austin, Texas, band Spoon reached the apex of their studio mastery, I think, on “My Little Japanese Cigarette Case,” a song from their 2007 album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. While the whole album ...

Biblical Distortions

by John Brodeur January 21, 2010

January is the strangest time at the multiplex. In with the leftover holiday-season blockbusters and Oscar bait, there’s usually a glut of films that are too weak in star- and/or buzz-power to fly against the ...