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Ali Hibbs

Email: ahibbs@metroland.net

Ali Hibbs

Peg/Hand Habits

by Ali Hibbs March 13, 2014


  The split EP is a curious format in the digital age. Whereas once it might have offered two up-and-coming acts a chance at wider exposure under the pressing and distributing infrastructure of a shared label, ...

St. Vincent

by Ali Hibbs March 13, 2014


  I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed to find my face still firmly intact after first listening to St. Vincent’s eponymous third record. The angular guitar shredding that made the crypto-misogynist world of rock criticism ...

Cibo Matto

by Ali Hibbs March 13, 2014


  It’s unclear if Cibo Matto have left a proper legacy within pop music since their last studio album 15 years ago, but it’s hard to approach their new record Hotel Valentine without hearing a kernal ...

Kismet or Consequence

by Ali Hibbs March 6, 2014


  “Keep that in the van at all times,” the guy says, placing a tiny, battered liquor bottle on the café table before turning to walk away. “Thanks, man!” Mark Lombardo calls after him, “but what is ...

Kanye West

by Ali Hibbs February 27, 2014


  It’s impossible to talk about Kanye West and the Yeezus Tour without talking about the phenomenon of Kanye West and the Yeezus Tour. It’s a meta layer to the persona that the rapper-producer-designer-conceptualist has spent ...


by Ali Hibbs February 20, 2014


  Pitchfork got it dead wrong on Tuesday. Stuart Berman’s lukewarm review of Phantogram’s sophomore record relied on an all-too familiar mythology of sudden, arbitrary success amid the digitized music industry’s state of saturation and self-replication ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs February 20, 2014


  This April marks the third installation of the MOVE Music Festival, a city-wide concert mega-event and industry showcase. Think South By Southwest but with less sunscreen and barbecue. This week, promoters Indian Ledge Music and the ...

The Bad Plus

by Ali Hibbs February 14, 2014

  Over the years, watching the Bad Plus perform has consistently left me breathless. I don’t use that term as a lazy platitude to describe my astonishment at their virtuosity. I mean, I literally hold my ...

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Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs February 6, 2014

thumb_lowbeat Patrick Dodson

    It's Low Beat Time It’s got a sign, a Facebook page and, by all accounts, a pretty sweet interior makeover. All that’s left is to add the music. After a season of confusion, controversy, new plans ...


by Ali Hibbs January 30, 2014


  The modular synthesizer is something of a paradox. To the layperson, it can seem like an inscrutable tangle of patch cords spilling out of a soulless rack of machinery, more switchboard than musical instrument. Get ...

Slaying the Hydra

by Ali Hibbs January 23, 2014


  “Epic” might be one of the most overused words in our contemporary vernacular. As a headline and a hashtag, it gets fixed to everything from video of a football player’s post-game rant, to an Instagram ...

Grammy Numbers

by Ali Hibbs January 23, 2014


  “Spotify Predicts GRAMMY Winners.” That was the subject line on an e-mail I received from the music streaming service yesterday morning, a few days in advance of pop music’s biggest awards show this Sunday. It ...

Mind Over Murder

by Ali Hibbs January 15, 2014


  In the span of about one generation, the practice of meditation has gone from hippy esoterica to self-help industry panacea to the subject of serious medical research at universities and hospitals around the world. Under ...

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PJ Katz

by Ali Hibbs January 9, 2014


  In a time when the accessibility and affordability of DJ gear, samplers and drum machines has made every kid with a laptop some kind of “producer,” Jason Panucci is something of a godfather. As keyboardist ...

Scientific Maps

by Ali Hibbs January 9, 2014


  Hand Aaron Smith a guitar, and the supension of disbelief required to enjoy musical theater disappears. The man seems to live in a universe where melody is the medium that people breathe and everything can ...

The Fish Herders

by Ali Hibbs January 9, 2014


  “In Line for Shawarma is a musical project that spans the globe and takes a look into the mind of a simple American boy who is dropped in the middle of Beirut, Lebanon and left ...

Best Concerts 2013: Josh Potter

by Ali Hibbs December 24, 2013

    1. Danny Brown, Action Bronson Skidmore College, Oct. 4 Hip-hop shows are too often a cursory run through the hits for artists whose true medium is the studio. Not so for Danny Brown, who brought anarchic energy ...

Best Recordings 2013: Josh Potter

by Ali Hibbs December 24, 2013


  1. Jai Paul Jai Paul It’s poetic justice that, in a year dominated by major-label mega-roll-out record spectulars—Daft Punk, Kanye West, etc.—the best album should be an unfinished leak from a relative unknown who won’t even take ...

Holiday Gift Guide: Pop Music

by Ali Hibbs December 12, 2013


  I don’t mean to be the Grinch around here but, WTF, why are any of you considering buying music as a Christmas present anymore? Sure, there’s plenty of music-related stuff that is fun and useful ...



by Ali Hibbs December 11, 2013


  It’s no small thing that Phantogram sold out Upstate Concert Hall on Saturday. There was a time when we could have chalked up such a feat to fluke luck and the draw of a home ...

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B3nson Family Funsgiving

by Ali Hibbs November 26, 2013

  Things got a touch sentimental Friday night (Nov. 22) at the sixth annual B3nson Funsgiving. The event is the collective’s biggest and most cohesive gathering of the year, aside from Restoration Festival, and is something ...

Matt Durfee

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  Singer-songwriter Matt Durfee’s debut CD Little World has been a very long-time coming. A former winner of Metroland’s Best Male Songwriter honor and half of the acoustic duo Palatypus (with M.R. Poulopoulos), Durfee is one ...

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Jake Moon

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  The Internet has made geography far less critical to the development of a musician’s sound, freeing the artist to live more or less wherever they choose and still draw ideas from a musical locale they ...

Better Pills

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  Brent Gorton doesn’t clutter his music with much fanfare. His band Better Pills quietly released Blood Chant last month on their Bandcamp page and for free download at brentgorton.com. “Recorded in a basement during the ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs October 31, 2013


  Orange is the New Black It’s been (at least) a two-costume Halloween this year, with most festivities taking place last weekend in advance of tonight’s (Thursday) official masquerade. So make the most of your opportunity to ...