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Kathryn Geurin

Email: kgeurin@metroland.net

Kathryn Geurin

Better for This

by Kathryn Geurin November 22, 2011


Man of La Mancha, the Tony Award-winning musical classic of Impossible Dreams currently on stage at Capital Repertory Theater, finds author-actor-tax-collector Miguel Cervantes and his manservant tossed in a dungeon by the Spanish Inquisition for ...


by Kathryn Geurin October 26, 2011


On Sunday morning, as we wait foggily over empty mugs for the final sputter and hiss of coffee to brew, a three-foot blur in owl pajamas pats purposefully by us. “Shoes!” insists a tiny voice from ...

Fresh, Local, and a Click Away

by Kathryn Geurin September 22, 2011


Randi Grippen tosses a fallen tomato, and the grounds of Mountain Winds Farm suddenly flap into chaos. Hens cackle and streak across the field from their placid cooing in the weather-worn barns, pop from under ...

A Shared Humanity

by Kathryn Geurin September 8, 2011


The mention of teen and tween YouTube videos likely conjures thoughts of hairbrush karaoke or daredevil stunts. It probably doesn’t evoke visions of a poised, charismatic young woman unfurling an evocative creation myth for a ...

Keeping It Real

by Kathryn Geurin July 28, 2011


The first person ever to conduct Internet securities fraud—manipulating Wall Street from a dial-up connection in his New Jersey home—was 15 years old. This tidbit may not sound like prime musical-theater fodder. But writer-composer team ...

Other Culture

by Kathryn Geurin June 22, 2011

The Berkshires are positively brimming with world-class arts institutions, which bloom to their most vital in the summer. But many of these icons of culture also offer less prominent programming that is worth exploring, and ...

One Night Only

by Kathryn Geurin March 23, 2011


On Saturday afternoon, a handful of professional actors, directors, playwrights, producers and improvisers gathered in a rehearsal room at Albany’s Capital Repertory Theatre, some meeting for the first time, some rekindling years-old connections, others on ...

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Another Opening

by Kathryn Geurin February 23, 2011


Schenectady Light Opera Company was bustling on Monday evening as the company prepared for Friday’s opening performance of The Drowsy Chaperone. Actors filed on stage for mic checks as crew members brushed fresh paint onto ...

Still Crazy

by Kathryn Geurin February 9, 2011


Six months after our wedding, we were expecting a baby. Getting this news was a bit like walking into a surprise party in our honor—after the initial shock, we quickly settled into celebration. Except, of ...

Making a Joyful Noise

by Kathryn Geurin January 19, 2011


Music Together uses the power of song to build cognition, language and physical development in young children MY DAUGHTER IS A DANCER. She’s been dancing since before she could walk, before she could crawl. I do ...

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

by Kathryn Geurin January 12, 2011

Education What He Said “We’re number one in spending but thirty-four in terms of results, that has to change. The current education funding goes out by formula grants, meaning there are no performance incentives in the grant ...

Vandals at the Ice Cream Shop

by Kathryn Geurin August 18, 2010

A handful of businesses and residences in the Delaware Avenue neighborhood suffered broken windows at the hands of vandals Saturday night between 2 and 3 AM; one of the casualties was a front window of ...

The Way We Were

by Kathryn Geurin August 4, 2010

Our Town is a play about simplicity. Simple words about simple people drifting through the simple acts of their daily living. And it’s a play about significance—about the import of those simple acts, about the ...