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Meisha Rosenberg

Meisha Rosenberg

Politics, Visible

by Meisha Rosenberg July 11, 2012


This year’s regional exhibition—the 76th in a robust tradition—feels different from those of previous years. It’s not that some familiar names don’t reappear; it’s that this exhibition held together more and felt like a timely ...

University Art Museum

A City Near You

by Meisha Rosenberg June 14, 2012


Invisible Cities at MASS MoCA was inspired by Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel of the same name, a work imagining Marco Polo’s descriptions of fantastical cities upon his visit to Kublai Khan. In the novel, Calvino ...

Mass Moca

Upstate Smorgasbord

by Meisha Rosenberg August 10, 2011


  These days, artists eligible for the Mohawk-Hudson Regional, who must live within a 100 mile radius of Albany, are as likely to have grown up in Albuquerque as to be from here. So what makes ...

2 comments Albany Institute of History & Art

It Really Does Make Perfect

by Meisha Rosenberg February 4, 2010

Since 2002, when the Opalka Gallery first opened and held an all-faculty show, the arts faculty of the Sage Colleges has grown. So what defines this group of 16 artists? What you’ll find is a ...

Hill and Dale

by Meisha Rosenberg January 21, 2010

The Woodstock Land Conservancy (WLC), a nonprofit group founded in 1988, has managed to save more than 1,000 acres of land from developers’ machines. For this exhibition, the Center for Photography at Woodstock collaborated with ...