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Raurri Jennings

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Raurri Jennings

Colin Stetson

by Raurri Jennings April 27, 2011


Let’s be clear from the (bungee) jump: Colin Stetson’s got chops. On “Judges,” the second song from New History Warfare, Vol. 2, baritone-sax arpeggios whip around the headphones as muted clicks ...

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by Raurri Jennings April 20, 2011

When Rubblebucket bum-rushed the stage at Bearsville Theater, they unleashed a contagious case of the booty-shakes that lingered late into the evening. The conquest was an education in syncopated dance, filled with jerky Stop Making ...

Bearsville Theater

Toro y Moi

by Raurri Jennings March 30, 2011


With Underneath the Pine, Toro y Moi’s follow-up to 2010’s chillwave classic Causers of This, it’s clear we’re not in for a sequel. “Intro Chi Chi” begins with distorted, wall-of-sound synths and chromatic washes of Rhodes ...

James Blake

by Raurri Jennings March 16, 2011


James Blake  From track one of James Blake’s self-titled debut, he proves himself to be a master knob twiddler and soulful vocalist. Choruses of digitally manipulated vocals gather, fragment and ...