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Rick Marshall

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Rick Marshall

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech

by Rick Marshall December 11, 2014


  Gifting great tech can be a daunting proposition any day, but it’s especially stressful during the holidays, when we’re flooded with a seemingly never-ending tide of next-generation widgets and slimmer, faster gadgets all claiming to ...

Ale to the King

by Rick Marshall August 21, 2014


  In the world of comic books, the late Jack Kirby is king. Kirby is the artist responsible for bringing visual form to Captain America, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and countless other superheroes known ...

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Robot Redux

by Rick Marshall July 3, 2014


  It’s worth noting up front that I hail from that portion of the moviegoing populace that generally enjoys Michael Bay’s Transformers films for the silly, escapist eye candy that they are. And perhaps that’s why ...

Gonzo Artistry

by Rick Marshall June 26, 2014


  It becomes clear early in For No Good Reason that the life of the film’s subject, British artist Ralph Steadman, is so inextricably linked to that of the late gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson that ...

Once More, With Bigger Monsters

by Rick Marshall September 13, 2013


  It’s been almost 13 years since Pitch Black pleasantly surprised audiences with its smart spin on classic creature features and the charisma of its little-known star, Vin Diesel. The tense, sci-fi horror hybrid generated enough ...

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The Dark Mirror

by Rick Marshall April 18, 2013


  Early in Her: A Memoir, author Christa Parravani shares a disconcerting fact that came to her attention shortly after her twin sister, Cara, died of an accidental drug overdose in 2006. “I researched our situation and ...

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True Jack

by Rick Marshall April 4, 2013


  Jack Kerouac’s work has always had a rough trip through the Hollywood machine. Beginning with 1960’s adaptation-in-name-only The Subterraneans, many filmmakers have attempted to bring Kerouac’s work to the screen, but few have captured the ...


Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Treasures

by Rick Marshall November 29, 2012


  ’Tis the season for giving the tech geek on your list something special. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of gifts that are guaranteed to elicit the desired level of awe from their recipients—and if you’re lucky, ...

An Odd Couple

by Rick Marshall September 7, 2012


  Filmmaker Jake Schreier’s Robot & Frank is set in the “near future,” but with the exception of a few fancy cars, some spiffy video-chatting technology, and the aforementioned robot, it’s a science-fiction story that does ...