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Go With Joe

To the Editor:

This is written in response to your “Elephant vs. Elephant” article [Newsfront, Jan. 6].

I am an elected Republican Committeeman from the City of Albany (12th Ward 4th ED) and part of the overwhelming majority of City GOP Committee members (94) who support the right of self-determination in choosing our own City GOP Chairman. Annette De Lavallade and Gregory Fields are part of the small handful (14) of City GOP Committee members who support Albany County GOP Chairman Peter “we lose again” Kermani, in
his efforts to deprive Republicans in the City of Albany of their right of self-
determination. Peter is the least successful GOP chair in Albany County history and it boggles the mind why Gregory, Annette and friends would work to prop up this continuous loser, while working to disenfranchise a winner like Joe and the good people of the City of Albany.

The article correctly noted that we elected Joe Sullivan as our Albany City GOP chairman on Sept. 15, 2004, pursuant to the Rules of The Albany County Republican Committee (adopted Sept. 2000) which are still in effect. The weighted vote was 2,944 to 10 in favor of the slate of officers led by Joe.

Annette De Lavallade was the lone nay vote. Contrary to De Lavallade’s assertion “all of us were surprised to know that we are among the majority supporting the mayor (Jennings) for reelection this year,” I am among the vast majority of Albany City GOP Committee members who will vote to endorse Mayor Jennings. Annette should speak for her self, as that’s the only vote she is seems to make herself aware of!

Mayor Jennings is mayor of all the people of the City of Albany. He has done a very good job as mayor and deserves reelection. It is no secret that the mayor could face a tough primary this year from the liberals who have taken control of the primary process. It might be a fatal blunder for Mayor Jennings not to accept the Republican ballot line (Row A) in this year’s mayoral election. Row A is his safety net. The liberals of the Democratic Party seek to isolate the mayor in the 2005 Democratic party primary, a process they seem to now control, as demonstrated by the elections of Tom Keefe and David Soares.

Lastly, the article quotes Carolyn Peterson Vaccaro, who was elected as a freshman committee member in 2004, as “being interested in gathering a planning team for the city and creating a platform” (for the 2005 Albany City elections). As we have a sound platform and strategy, reforming education in city public schools, combating crime and maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life, also respect for life and support for conservative traditional values as supported by the overwhelming majority of Albany City GOP Committee members. This platform has evolved over the years from extensive discussions and debate between the vast majority of GOP City of Albany Committee members and Joe Sullivan our elected leader.

Also we support the City of Albany returning to a K-8 neighborhood school system because that is best for kids, parents and neighborhoods, are we to assume that the disgruntled Annette De Lavallade, Gregory Fields and Carolyn Peterson Vaccaro, the principals in the article, who oppose any city committee elected GOP Chairman, also oppose the platform and strategy our elected chairman clearly articulated in December?

Carl Gottstein, Jr.

12th ward, 4th district, City of Albany GOP Member

Dude, That Rocks!

To the Editor:

What a surprise to see UFO make Bill Ketzer’s list of top 10 recordings! [The Year in Review, Dec. 30]. Someone knows rock & roll at Metroland. If Bill had ventured south to the Chance this past year he would also have UFO on his top-10 live list. The addition of Vinnie Moore on guitar has UFO rockin’ once again. Also kudos to Bill for including the Deep Purple/Satriani show at SPAC. Can anyone say Steve Morse? Why Satriani alone was worth the money.

Scott Ziegler



In “Elephant vs. Elephant” (Newsfront, Jan. 6), we incorrectly reported that Carl Gottstein was a convicted felon. In fact, he has had only a misdemeanor conviction. The sources who complained about Sullivan’s comment about Gottstein described him as a felon, and we inadvertently and erroneously used that language in our own description of Gottstein.

In our Year in Review issue (Dec. 30), we headlined an item about the Ukraine elections: “What’s Russian for ‘Nothing for me, thanks’?” The main language spoken in the Ukraine is Ukrainian, not Russian. We apologize for the misrepresentation.

In the same issue, in Mae G. Banner’s Best of 2004 Dance list, a reference was made in an item about a performance by the Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company to “intricate designs on Orthodox Easter Eggs.” The practice of decorating such eggs is a Ukrainian, not specifically orthodox, tradition.

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