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Wolf Eyes

Flywheel, Thursday

Remember when bands were considered “experimental” if they had two synth players and no guitar? And noise was something undesirable, a by-product of playing through a poorly grounded amp? Those were the days, huh? Well, hike up your adult diaper because that shit is over. Stop bragging about the time you caught Einstürzende Neubauten at some little club in New York. We know you’re lying about that, anyway. You couldn’t get tickets, so you stood in the alley behind the club, gunning 40-ouncers and cupping your ear to catch what few notes leaked out into the damp night air every time the backstage door opened. Anyway, the “experimental” (read: noise for noise’s sake) collaborative Wolf Eyes are playing at the Flywheel tonight (Thursday), which is just great if you’re into music that makes you feel like you’re being skinned alive. Thurston Moore will—no fucking shit—open the show. (March 31, 7:30 PM, $5, 2 Holyoke St., Easthampton, Mass., 413-527-9800)

Why Can’t I Be You III

Lark Tavern, Friday

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day, the third show to be dubbed Why Can’t I Be You will take place at the Lark Tavern tomorrow (Friday) night. The concept of the Why Can’t I Be You shows—musicians performing each other’s songs—has proven to be quite popular among performers and music fans alike. The first two shows (the first was at the old Lionheart on April 1, 2001, and the next was at the Larkin on Halloween 2003) were huge successes. This time there will be an exciting new aspect to the show: It will include poets (performing each other’s poems) as well as the musicians. Performers include poets AC Everson, Rob Englehardt, Mary Panza, Dan Wilcox, Don Levy, Kristin Day, Rachel Zitomer, Thom Francis; and almost two dozen musicans—obviously, too many to name here. Each performer will get to play one or two songs (or recite one or two poems) from their peers. All this, and it’s free! What more could you ask for? (April 1, 9 PM, free, 453 Madison Ave., Albany, 463-9779)

Sev Statik CD-Release Party

Hudson Duster, Friday

As Sev Statik himself says, he’s “got so much droppin’ this year, it’s scary.” We’re having difficulty keeping tabs on the busy emcee. On Friday, Statik is having a CD-release party—but we’re not 100-percent sure which one of his projects is droppin’ on that particular night. Is it a party for the month-old Slow Burn? Could be. Or maybe the promised remix album, After Burn, for which Statik teamed with DJ Money Mike? Maybe. Hard to say. What we can say is that from his first solo release, Speak Life, to Slow Burn, hiphop fans and critics alike have dug Statik’s style—which ranges “from intellectual to festive; witty to solemn.” So, bob ya head. (April 1, 8 PM, 40 Third St.,Troy, $5, 687-2391)

Shawn Colvin

First United Methodist Church, Friday

Once upon a time, we got into an argument with someone who thought Shawn Colvin had “too much attitude.” Apparently, Colvin had said some unkind things about other performers as part of her between-song patter. Precisely, we replied. Some artists are entitled to attitude: Lou Reed, for example, is capable of being a colossal asshole, but that’s OK. (He wrote “Heroin,” for God’s sake.) Colvin, now 15 years along in her career, can act any damn way she pleases. Her songs—and her performances thereof—are personal and incisive. And don’t forget that her voice, by many accounts, is more effective in live performance than on disc. Tomorrow (Friday) night, you can enjoy the complete Shawn Colvin experience at the First United Methodist Church of Pittsfield, in another show too big for sponsor Club Helsinki’s own space. Kevin Devine opens. (April 1, $36, $46, 8 PM, 55 Fenn St., Pittsfield, Mass., 413-528-3394)


Saturday Night Special Band

Revolution Hall, Saturday

Finally, the one show where it’s appropriate to belly up to the stage and scream, “Play ‘Free Bird’!” The Saturday Night Special Band are considered to be the “other” Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sure, there are no Van Zants here, not a Collins nor a Rossington, but, original Skynyrd members Artimus Pyle and Ed King do form the crux of the band, so there’s that. The group, whose lineup also sports two of Skynyrd’s original backup-singing “Honkettes” in Jojo Billingsley and Leslie Hawkins, promises a faithful re-creation of the Ronnie Van Zant-era music that we’ve come to know, love, and drink loads of beer to. That should make for a pretty good show, especially considering anything Skynyrd attempted after Van Zant’s 1977 death was . . . howdoyousay? Not so good. See if the South can “do it again” when the Saturday Night Special Band play—through no small coincidence, we’re sure—on Saturday night. (April 2, 9 PM, $20, 425 River St., Troy, 273-2337)

Also Noted
New England bluegrass band Northern Lights (don’t get confused, now, people, this is a band, we’re not talking about the club) will stop at the WAMC performing Arts Studio tomorrow (Friday) night on their New Moon tour (8 PM, $15, 465-5233). . . . See a tribute to gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe in Shout Sister Shout, featuring the Holmes Brothers, Odetta, and Sister Marie Knight, at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall on Friday (8 PM, $20-26, 273-0038). . . . Also on Friday, Livingston Taylor (yep, brother of James), who just finished a CD that was two years in the making, will perform two shows at the Van Dyck (7 and 9:30 PM, $25, 381-1111). . . . Saturday’s Saratoga Winners show will feature Montreal-based death-metal outfit Cryptopsy; also on the bill are Skinless, Cattle Decapitation and the Autumn Offering (8 PM, $12-14, 783-1010). . . . Blake & the Family Dog (Blake is the frontperson; we’re guessing the family dog is the rest of the band) will hit the upstairs stage at Valentine’s on Saturday; the Geno K Experience and Breaking Laces are also on the bill (9 PM, 432-6572). . . . Blues singer and guitarist Albert Cummings will perform on Saturday at Berkshire Community College’s Boland Theatre in Pittsfield, Mass.; blues songstress Susan Angletti will open the show (7 PM, $10, 413-499-4660 ext. 291).

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