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Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad

Sorry collectors, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad is not the latest Joe Francis production. So, you won’t be able to add this video to the shelf along with Girls Gone Wild: Kabul, or whatever. But for those of you with a penchant for the outrageous, irreverent and risqué, this shouldn’t be a crushing blow. The Jewish girls coming to Northern Lights on Wednesday promise all of the above qualities—as they put it, this “ain’t yo mama’s Fiddler.”

No, an evening of stand-up comedy, spoken word, music and burlesque performed by “chosen chicks” who got loaded at their bat mitzvahs and learned to smoke at Hebrew school is decidedly not our mama’s first choice of entertainments. We, on the other hand, think this beats Tevye’s grubby dignity six ways to the Sabbath. Among the performers are Second City alumna, staples of the New York comedy circuit, burlesque performers with promising stage names like Miss Delirium Tremens and Little Brooklyn (she’s built like the bridge, you see), and Golem, a six-piece klezmer-rock band.

It’s an unusual booking for Northern Lights—which caters more regularly to the pentagram crowd than the Pentateuch—so you’d be meshuggenah to miss it.

Jewish Girls Gone Bad hits the stage at Northern Lights (1208 Route 146, Clifton Park) on Wednesday (June 16). Tickets for the 8 PM show are $10. For more information, call the club at 371-0012.

Visiting Mr. Green

In Jeff Baron’s comic play Visiting Mr. Green, a young gay executive is handed a curious sentence as punishment for his reckless driving: After nearly cutting down a retired dry-cleaner, the eponymous Mr. Green, the leadfoot is charged with caring for the widower, once a week for six months. Sounds like a May-December version of The Odd Couple. It also sounds like something from an old episode of Seinfeld, which trivial reference only points out how desperately we need to get out of the house, away from the digital cable, and ingest some actual culture.

Visiting Mr. Green will receive its regional premiere at Curtain Call Theater (210 Old Loudon Road, Latham) starting Friday (June 10), running through July 9. For more information, call 877-7529.

Capital Pride 2005

This is a good weekend to chill in Washington Park. On Saturday (June 11) it’s the annual Lobster Festival, at which you can gorge yourself on lobster and steak, and listen to great music by the likes of Alex Torres. And, if you still feel festive after all this seafood, the Capital District Gay & Lesbian Community Council is presenting Capital Pride 2005 in the park on Sunday (June 12), with or without George.

Of course, the festivities will begin with the annual pride parade at 11:30 AM. The route will wend from Sprague Place in the park down Washington Avenue to Lark, and then over Lark Street to Madison Avenue, and finally right onto Willet Street, with a last left on Hudson Avenue into the park—where the big fun will continue.

There will be food vendors, kids’ activities, music and general merry-making. The music will be provided by Sirsy (pictured); look for frontwoman Melanie Krahmer to, as one Web critic enthusiastically described it, “release emotion with volume, much to everyone’s delight!” Also performing will be flamenco guitarist Maria Zemantauski and Celtic genre-benders Innisrising.

Capital Pride 2005 takes place in Washington Park (Albany) beginning at 1 PM on Sunday (June 12). For more information, call 462-6138.

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