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No Stars Here

To the Editor:

The Post-Star? You’ve got to be kidding! [Best Daily Newspaper, Best of the Capital Region, July 21] The daily paper that can’t manage to print late, West Coast sports scores (even for major sporting events)? The paper that once ran the headline “Police Surround House—Suspect Not at Home”? The paper that dropped Molly Ivins’ columns because she was “too political”? By comparison, the Post-Star makes the Times Union look like The New York Times.

So, you’re wrong on both counts. Not only is it not the best, but it’s not much of a newspaper.

In a market in which it has no daily competitor, the Post-Star’s utility is limited to local news, high school sports, and obituaries (not necessarily in that order).

Michael Infantino

Lake George

 To the Editor:

Your choice of the Post-Star as Best Daily Newspaper is astounding. You may like the “looks” of this rag but beauty is only skin-deep. The paper is widely loathed by the residents in its area for its mean-spirited, opportunistic, negative, and close-minded coverage. While big on self-congratulations and narcissism, they have cut the available space for letters, don’t give fair play or equal coverage to third-party political candidates, print without questioning every lie the AP and government feeds them, and routinely ignore any opposition viewpoints. I couldn’t imagine a worse choice.

Rob Barendse


The writer is a former employee of the Post-Star.

Not the Play I Saw

To the Editor:

On behalf of the entire Capital Region arts community, I call for Kathy Ceceri to be relieved of her post and for Metroland to employ a theater critic who is, at the very least, intelligent and well-versed in the art. After her review of Adirondack Theatre Festival’s Madagascar [“Absence of Malice (and Everything Else),” Theater, July 28], we, the artists and writers of this community, demand to know her credentials. As far as the reader can tell from her reviews, she knows very little about the art and its purpose. ATF’s Madagascar was one of the most brilliant and moving plays produced in our region over the last three years. It is drama at its very best. It is an award-winning piece that was recently the recipient of the 2005 Pinter Review Prize for Drama. Ms. Ceceri is so off-base with her criticism that I wonder if she’s ever seen a professional theater production. Is it all a sham? Is it all a joke?

Furthermore, to place the anti-intellectual drivel of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) a peg above Madagascar is so outrageous that I thought I was reading a spoof of Metroland. I attended both plays, and I can tell the reader now that Kathy Ceceri’s point of view is not only misguided, it is damaging to the culture of our region. We must demand more. Our dreadful president has ushered in a climate of anti- intellectualism, and Ms. Ceceri seems to be the latest casuality of this campaign. Theater can make us laugh, but the point of the theater, the point of all good art, is to shake us at our core and wake us from our slumber. As the alternative arts-based weekly of the Capital Region, you must demand more of your critic. We must demand more of you, for we consider you to be our paper. I ask for Kathy Ceceri’s resignation so we can quickly place a tourniquet on this open wound.

William O’Mara

Saratoga Springs

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