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Healing the Mind, Body and Soul

An Inside Look at the Capital Region's Healing Community


Mirabai of Woodstock

Audrey Cusson, Jeff Cuiule
23 MILL HILL ROAD , WOODSTOCK, (845) 679-2100,

Nestled in the heart of Woodstock, NY rests a sanctuary devoted to inspiration, transformation and healing. It’s name is Mirabai—the Hudson Valley’s most comprehensive metaphysical bookstore.

At Mirabai you’ll discover a vast array of books, videos and audiobooks for a more conscious, healthy and peaceful life. Whatever it is you’re seeking—Eastern philosophy, shamanism, alternative healing, inspiration, the afterlife, channeled material, psychology, visionary fiction, consciousness, feng shui, creativity, recovery, mysticism, astrology, personal growth—it’s all here. And if there’s a particular title you’re searching for that’s not in stock, we’ll be happy to order it for you.

Esoteric music lovers will also find the best in Eastern Chant, World Beat, Healing Music, Native American, Celtic and Ambient music; and our awesome listening station lets you sample any of of our music CD’s before you buy. Mirabai also offers a stunning collection of jewelry, statues, crystals and other treasures from around the world, as well as a full selection of meditation and yoga supplies.

You might also check out one of our many workshops. Just go to for a complete listing or call the store for a schedule. Tarot readings are available each weekend throughout the year from our very respected readers.

Whether you’re want to broaden your perspective, transform your life or simply unwind from the day’s pressures, come experience the sage writings, beautiful surroundings and good energy that have attracted so many others to us here at Mirabai.

Compassion Buddhist Center

route 9, latham, 786-0670,

Meditation—Something for Everyone: Simple, powerful and reliable methods that begin to give us a view into the positive qualities of the mind.

“When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subside and our mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within. This feeling of contentment and well-being helps us to cope with the business and difficulties of daily life. So much of the stress and tension we now experience comes from our mind, and many of the problems we experience, including ill health, are caused or aggravated by this stress. Just by doing breathing meditation for 10 or 15 minutes each day we can reduce our stress; experience a calm, spacious feeling in the mind; and many of our usual problems will fall away. Difficult situations will become easier to deal with; we shall naturally feel warm and well-disposed toward other people; and our relationships with others will gradually improve.”—Kelsang Kalden, Kadampa Buddhist nun teaching at Compassion Buddhist Center.

More and more people in upstate New York are discovering the power of meditation to transform their lives. You can learn to meditate at classes organized by Compassion Buddhist Center who recently re-located to Route 9, Latham. You do not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from the meditation techniques being taught. Classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, and are taught by both ordained (monks and nuns) and lay teachers.

Compassion Buddhist Center is a not-for-profit group and member of the New Kadampa Tradition—International Kadampa Buddhist Union (NKT-IKBU), founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche; a fully accomplished meditation master, author and internationally renowned teacher of Kadampa Buddhism. As one of some 800 NKT-IKBU centers worldwide, Compassion Buddhist Center offers classes and retreats on Kadampa Buddhism throughout Upstate New York. Established in 2003, Compassion Buddhist Center is supported by a small group of enthusiastic teachers and students who are engaged in the study and practice of Kadampa Buddhism

Also, keep an eye out for upcoming talks at local book stores promoting Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s latest book, How to Solve Our Human Problems—The Four Noble Truths.

Massage for Health

Fusion Bodywork

1542 Columbia Turnpike, schodack


More than a massage, Fusion Bodywork is an eclectic blend of therapeutic techniques from around the world. In Fusion Bodywork, your massage therapist will customize a session for your needs.

Relieve back and neck pain, and reduce stress. Fusion Bodyworkers use Ashiatsu, “the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.” Ashiatsu deep bodywork soothes chronic back pain, releases neck and shoulder tension, and loosens tight constricted muscles. Using ancient oriental techniques, your therapist blends deep pressure into a smooth healing treatment.

For thousands of years, bodyworkers have walked on their client’s backs to bring relief from muscle pain and spasms. This unique, soothing pressure brings relaxation and relief to stressed, painful areas. Toxins are moved out of muscles and healthier tissue results. The Ashiatsu therapist transitions smoothly between hand and foot work to offer a customized pressure depth where needed. It is safe, controlled and feels fabulous!

Massage For Health is located on Routes. 9 and 20 in East Greenbush, just east of Albany. Massage therapists Margie Celentano and Holly Huzar are longterm, experienced bodyworkers, offering customized massage sessions based on your needs. Both have been on staff at the CNW School of Massage. At Massage For Health, they offer Ashiatsu Bodywork, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue therapy, Reflexology and Healing Spa Wraps. Contact Massage For Health for more information!

Holly Huzar, LMT, 479-7601 (Day appointments)

Margie Celentano, LMT, 732-2646 (Evening appointments)

The Albany Kripalu Yoga Center

6 Metro Park Road, Albany, 454-YOGA,

The Albany Kripalu Center has been nurturing wellness and community through the integration of body, mind and spirit for over 30 years. AKYC is the oldest, largest non-profit yoga center in the Capital Region, providing yoga instruction, spiritual inspiration and a heart-centered community. Our experienced, certified instructors provide a wide variety of classes and workshops at our main site near Wolf Road and at satellite locations through the area. We bring yoga to the community through our outreach programs and partner with other organizations in compassionate endeavors that foster health and well-being.

If you are a longtime student of yoga or if you are looking to explore yoga for the first time, you will find a warm welcome and gentle guidance. The practice of yoga is a discipline of physical exercise and a powerful tool for transformation. Class by class, as you bring focus and attention to breath and movement, your body and mind will relax and your inner strength will be nourished.

The Albany Kripalu Yoga Center . . . the heart of yoga for every body.

Jeet Kune Do

1603 Route 9, Clifton Park, 371-5858,

Located in the Town Center Plaza in Clifton Park, the Jeet Kune Do Academy of Martial Arts provides adult professionals an alternative to traditional karate schools by offering small classes, personalized attention and real-world skills-training in a sophisticated, private environment.

Founder and senior instructor George Ilyadis (pictured) has been studying and teaching Jeet Kune Do, the martial art of Bruce Lee, for more than a decade. Trained personally by first-generation Bruce Lee student and renowned martial arts authority Jerry Poteet, Ilyadis aims to preserve the authenticity and integrity of Jeet Kune Do’s original tenets.

Jeet Kune Do represents Bruce Lee’s lifelong study of human biomechanics to utilize the body efficiently and effectively in martial combat. Because it emphasizes speed and technique over physical might to achieve power in strikes and kicks, the art is effective by individuals of all body types and sizes.

Classes are held evenings Monday through Thursday. Three-hour introductory workshops are available.

The Center for Integrative Psychotherapy

Mary T. Sise, LCSW

582 New Loudon Road, Latham, 785-8576,

Energy Psychology…..When talking isn’t enough.

All of us have had situations in which try as we might we just can’t get rational. We are “over-reacting” and yelling too much. We are frightened, feeling like a child, even though we should “know” better. We can’t speak in public, we clam up in an argument or we react with enough anger that we scare the ones we love.

It was exactly this type of behavior that frustrated me to no end as a therapist and a human being. . . . Why can’t we just get rational?

It wasn’t until I began learning about the brain—especially the limbic emotional brain that things began to make sense, and I began looking for alternative methods to help calm people down. I was also learning about the role of the body in treating trauma. This led me to Energy Psychology - a new field of psychotherapy. One method, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), involves teaching clients how to tap points on meridians that in Eastern Medicine correspond to anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, plus use a series of eye movement to calm distress and process traumas. Although this is the weirdest thing I have ever done, I couldn’t deny that my patients were reporting amazing relief from years of anxiety, anger or PTSD symptoms. Clients were able to drive again after car accidents, or be sexual again after being raped, with no distress. Flashbacks and nightmares stopped for them, and most importantly, once I taught this method to my clients they were able to use the tapping at home in a self-empowered way any time they were upset.

For more information on training opportunities for professionals (March 12 & 13, 2005), referrals to local professionals, or a self help video, see my website at

Mary T. Sise, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an adjunct professor at Siena College, integrating Energy Psychology methods into her practice She can be reached at 785-8576 or


Donna Marie Floyd, the Art of Belly Dancing Instruction and Peformance

299 Hamilton St., Albany, Zuzu’s Wonderful Life, Inc.,

265 River St., Troy, The Arts Center of the Capital Region


Belly dancing is a celebration of femininity, with movements natural to the body. Undulating, circular, flowing, calming, almost meditative. Soul-stirring, rhythmic, energizing, providing a low-impact workout for the entire body. The dance can be enjoyed by women and girls of all ages and fitness levels.

In choosing an instructor, potential students should ask for credentials. Even if you are taking classes for fitness you deserve a teacher with an extensive performing and teaching background. I have performed at wedding receptions, children’s parties, anniversaries, etc., for a diverse audience. African, Armenian, Bukharan, Greek, Lebanese, and Russian to name a few. Some past appearances include, Cafe Lena, Iron Horse Music Hall, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Manhattan’s Ibis Supper Club, and the Organization of African Unity to the United Nations, Albany and Saratoga’s First Night Celebrations.

I offer beginner and continuing level classes and private coaching. Even beginning students can enjoy learning simple choreographies, finger cymbals and dancing with silk veils. For the dedicated student, performance opportunities are also available with my ensemble.

Classes are enjoyable, uplifting and fun! Come experience the beauty and power of this wonderful art form!

The YogaRoom Wellness Center

Cecily Bailey
20 Prospect St., Ballston Spa, 899-4372,

The YogaRoom Wellness Center is tucked in a quiet, spacious studio in the Old Chocolate overlooking the Kayderosseras River.

A gym it is not. Although many participants challenge muscles, sweat and get their “workout.” At the same time, these people and others find quiet time, relaxation and breathing. Cecily Bailey, owner and founder of the center, said the YogaRoom was founded on the concept of helping each individual find “Peace of Mind and Strength of Body” in their own way and time.

The center offers a variety of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Tai Chi and HypnoBirthing/Prenatal classes, workshops and, therapeutic offerings such as massage therapy. The concept is to provide traditional hatha yoga and other movement methods that are accessible to anyone who is interested. More specialized classes are offered for those who may want to use yoga or pilates as an overall fitness/strengthening program, maintain bone density, or for exercise during pregnancy and for restorative purposes, such as before or after surgery or for chronic conditions. Participants are able to chose, without pressure, the extent to which they want Yoga to be a spiritual or personal growth experience.

Yoga is the oldest holistic system of personal development. It is a practical method of physical improvement, personal growth, training the body and mind. It is comprised of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. The postures (known as Asanas) stretch, tone, align and strengthen muscles, joints and spine. Pilates is a specialized form of exercise that has its roots in yoga and focuses on the “powerhouse” or core stability of the body.

Bailey is certified in both Yoga and Pilates and believes that the combination of the two practices offers a powerful and comprehensive approach to maintaining the health, structural integrity and strength of the body. She is also and trained meditation instructor and Reiki practitioner.

She specializes in Ashtanga Yoga and in yoga for people undergoing treatment for, or recovering from, Breast Cancer and other conditions.

Most classes are offered in 8-week sessions and on a drop-in basis. The YogaRoom offers more than 20 classes a week with group and private instruction available. Massage therapy services will start February and a pilates apparatus studio will arrive in March.

Jean’s Greens

Herbal Tea Works & Herbal Essentials
1545 Columbia Turnpike, Schodack

For 15 years, Jean’s Greens has been providing quality herbal teas and essentials for the bodies and souls of the people in the Capital District and beyond. From one ounce to five pounds, you can get a wide variety of herbs, from agrimony to yucca—with more than 200 in between! We offer a tempting selection of herbal teas—Chill Chaser for the cold winter months, Loosen Up to help unwind, or maybe you’d prefer Bright Idea to get your brain moving. You can choose from more than 30 different teas, or we can blend a custom tea to your specifications. We provide the tea in loose bulk, in bags, or in sampler sets if you’re not sure just which tea is right for you. We also have a complete line of herbal tinctures and essential oils, or you can choose one of our capsule blends of herbs for your needs. If you’d like to learn more about herbs, we have a full bookshelf and an herbalist on staff. If it’s a gift you need, we can help there too, with cards, candles, bath oils, and an assortment of treasures—even something for your favorite pet! You can call us (518) 479-0471 for our 2005 catalog, or visit us online at We are located at the corner of Columbia Turnpike (Routes 9 & 20) and Miller Road in Schodack, just off exit 10 on I-90. Come see us!

The Center for Integrative Health and Healing

Dr. Ronald Stram, MD, founder
388 Kenwood Ave., Delmar, 689-2244,

Located in the heart of Delmar, is a cutting edge, progressive medical practice. Nowhere else would a patient be able to visit a medical doctor simultaneously with a naturopathic doctor for a comprehensive integrative medical evaluation. The Center’s founder, Ronald Stram, MD; Emergency Department Director at Albany Memorial Hospital, is one of about 100 physicians nationwide to have completed a fellowship with Andrew Weil, MD, recognized as a world leader in integrative medicine. “I want to change the way medicine is practiced today, helping patients and doctors become less dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and more dependent on the body’s own natural healing responses whenever possible.” The Center brings together medical doctors practicing alongside licensed professionals providing complementary therapies like acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, therapeutic massage, herbal therapies, nutrition, manual medicine and energy healing all in a beautiful and serene setting. At the Center our practitioners take time, typically 90 minutes, to learn more about the person than just the current symptoms or ailment. We provide services that help in the areas of chronic pain, gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases, female health, cardiovascular health, smoking cessation, stress management and cancer therapies to name a few, using natural and effective approaches. The diverse team includes two naturopathic doctors, Eliot Edwards, ND and Alison Finger, ND; two Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Rebecca Rice, L.Ac and Christopher Reilly, L.Ac.; Diana Gribben, licensed massage therapist specializing in craniosacral therapy for chronic pain, and migraines, and Connie Barber, RN for more than 24 years and a certified healing touch practitioner.

As part of our mission to educate the community, the Center holds free public health lectures every third Thursday. Call the Center and learn from a caring team of experts.

Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy

Integrating the Healing Arts for Wellness of Mind, Body & Spirit
3 Cerone Commercial Drive, Albany, 489-4026,

Imagine a tree . . . Its trunk growing strong and healthy. Its roots firmly anchored in the soil. Its branches reaching up toward the sky. Its seeds floating in the wind, until they land and begin to spread their own roots.

That is our vision at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy. We created this school to provide a place for students of all ages to come and learn, to share their gifts, to gain knowledge, and to take their experience and expertise into their individual communities to help others become healthier and stronger.

Through a comprehensive program of study that carefully balances the art and science of therapeutic massage, the program strives to enrich the lives of its students. Our program provides students with the opportunity to grow personally and examine their own relationship to self and others in a supportive environment. They are encouraged to bring mindfulness and awareness to each moment in order to experience their lives more completely. This balancing of body, mind and spirit, naturally allows health and wellness to arise.

Our highly trained faculty is deeply committed to creating a safe, nurturing and intimate learning community that honors the diversity and unique gifts that each student possesses. The process of becoming a massage therapist is a life changing experience that allows individuals to bring their hearts more openly into their work. Our staff maintains high standards of integrity, character, and ethics, while cultivating these qualities in each of our students.

Call for a catalog or to schedule a tour today!

Student Clinic: We invite you to share some time with us and experience the relaxation of massage along with its many other benefits. Students offer massage modalities that correspond to his or her level of training. Call to make your appointment for a massage in our Student Clinic today! (518) 489-4068. The Center for Natural Wellness also carries a full line of massage products and massage related products. Visit us today!

Partners in Healing

Ann Tobin
204 Delaware Ave., Delmar, 506-6303,

Ann Carey Tobin, M.D. is a graduate of the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, and a Mead Johnson award recipient for graduate education in family practice. She is board certified in family practice, and fellowship trained in women’s health. In 2002 Dr. Tobin completed training as a member of the inaugural class of the University of Arizona’s Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, a program designed and overseen by Andrew Weil, M.D.

Integrative medicine combines the best of conventional Western medicine with the best in complementary therapeutic modalities. Dr. Tobin’s approach to this healing-oriented medicine involves excellent training, thoughtful research, intuition and good judgment to provide safe and effective recommendations and therapies. Most importantly, integrative medicine is patient-centered. This means Dr. Tobin is committed to spend the time required to get to know the patient, and that the patient’s role in the healing process is vital, not passive. Patient and provider work as partners to nurture and empower the healers within themselves.

Dr. Tobin’s consultation practice, Partners in Healing (PIH), is an integrative medicine practice dedicated to honoring this therapeutic relationship. Her practice excels in prevention and wellness care, and provides gentle help for many chronic and acute health issues. She offers appropriate recommendations and guidance in areas such as: nutrition, vitamins/supplements, herbs, physical activity, mind-body medicine, stress management, complementary and alternative practices, and conventional medicine. The result is a comprehensive, individualized and supportive treatment plan that strives to promote balance for both men and women.

PIH accounts for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Dr. Tobin’s training, career and life experiences have fostered an intelligent healing-oriented practice rooted in compassion. Her practice is one of head, hand and heart.

Mindful Movement Pilates

Kay Fuller
76 Wisconsin Ave., Delmar, 439-1775

Would you like to have greater body awareness and a sense of satisfaction with your body image? Would you like to feel totally alive and have more energy? Kay can help you improve your strength, flexibility, muscle tone and body control. Many students also report that regular Pilates training eliminates the aches and pains that come from improper posture and body movements. If you are willing to commit to at least one class per week for two months you too will see a difference in your own body. Pilates training is appropriate for almost everyone.

Kay Fuller has been teaching movement her entire life. Kay opened her first in a series of dance studios during her senior year in high school. Shortly thereafter she became the lead soloist for the Flint Ballet Theatre. It was there that she was introduced to Pilates as warm up exercises for ballet classes. Years later a former ballet student, now owner of Grace Pilates in Beverly6 Hills, encouraged Kay to pursue Pilates for the purpose of maintaining her own strength and flexibility and to utilize her years of teaching experience. Kay is certified in Pilates through Grace Pilates and also by the Physical Mind Institute of New York. She has also studied with one of Joseph Pilates original students.

When living in Charlotte, North Carolina Kay taught Pilates at the Crown Club in the Nations Bank corporate headquarters. After moving to Kansas, she was the Pilates trainer for the Kansas City Ballet. While she is not currently teaching classical ballet, she does accept private students as young as twelve for Pilates/ Ballet training. For the general public, Kay offers group and private Pilates exercise classes. For further information about group mat classes or private instruction on Pilates exercise equipment please call 439-1775.

Nick Pavoldi

Nick Pavoldi, LMT, Structural Integration, Massage Therapy
Newton Plaza, 582 New Loudon, Latham, 526-NICK (6425),

Not all bodywork is the same. Structural Integration is bodywork that evokes freedom, possibility and a more efficient use of gravity through soft tissue manipulation. Dynamic structures like the human form can develop structural strain through inefficient patterns of movement and posture. Chronic stiffness and soreness can be a result of these patterns. Through knowledge of living anatomy, and a systematic soft tissue approach, efficiency can be increased leaving the body feeling light and fluid.

Massage can be a tranquil and relaxing experience. Structural Integration can be pleasurable, but it is not the intention to send the passive recipient into la-la land. Rather, the goals of this work are to bring about new life and freedom through client participative work.

I have been a nationally and state licensed massage therapist in the Capital District for 9 years. When I discovered this work 6 years ago, I found it much different and more effective than any bodywork I had experienced. I spent the better part of a year studying under one of the foremost teachers in the world in Hawaii and Boulder. I have been an accredited member of the Guild for Structural Integration since 2000.

Folks sometimes wonder why I work on a knee for a low back pain, or the hips to alleviate neck pain. Imagine a door that won’t close right. You could shave off a section of the door, but if the house foundation is crooked, the door will never fit right. It’s the same with the body. The symptom may appear somewhere, but without correcting the root problem the symptoms remain.

If you are looking for real change in your body, or you have tried other bodywork without the success you hoped for, Structural Integration could be for you. Appointments available 10-8 everyday.

The Pilates Principle

Nuhar Jaleel, Physical Therapist, Authentic Certified Pilates Instructor
1072 Route 7, Latham, 783-1678,

Joseph Pilates was a true iconoclast and pioneer when he developed his system of exercises. This is the thought that runs through my head each and every day I teach his method, because I truly see dramatic changes in the way people move. He managed to develop hundreds of exercises on several different pieces of specifically designed apparatuses (yes, there’s much more to it than just the mat!!). These exercises help people drastically improve their posture, increase their lung capacity, gain considerable amounts of flexibility and strength, and most of all, improve control over their body’s movements. After all, he originally called his system Contrology.

As a licensed physical therapist, I have learned so much more about efficient movement and strength since I began studying the Pilates method of exercise 5 years ago. I have been a physical therapist for 6 years, and a certified Pilates instructor for 2 years.

As one of my current clients said during her session this past week, “It just feels right.”


Lisa Alexander, CYT, RYT
2317 Balltown Road, Niskayuna, 429-1455,

Soluna Yoga Studio in Niskayuna has opened! Studio founder and director, Lisa Alexander, CYT, RYT has designed a new two-room studio in the Niskayuna Professional Building at 2317 Balltown Road. The Studio features two sun-filled classrooms with wood flooring that can open up to create one large space for popular classes and workshops. The two classrooms allow for more available classes and times to be offered. Students can pick from many different types and levels of yoga. Classes are given morning, afternoon, and evening every day of the week. The studio offers an eclectic mix of Yoga styles that include Kripalu, Anusara, and Ashtanga. Yoga classes for children are offered as well as Pre-natal classes. Lisa is joined by a wonderful group of talented and dedicated teachers including Carol McCord, Jo Page, Cathy Prescott, Donna Jennings, and Fran Ross. Schedule for sessions and classes, along with other general information can be found at the web site: Anyone interested or with questions can call Lisa at.

Also planned are numerous weekend workshops. The workshop topics vary from intensive training in specific yoga practice areas, spiritual explorations, starting a home practice to kids programs. Upcoming is a three-day weekend workshop with nationally known Anusara teacher Suzie Hurley who will be coming to the studio on April 29 through May 1, 2005.

Although Soluna Yoga Studio opened its doors January 2, 2005 and has a continuing on-going schedule of classes, a formal open house celebration is planned for Friday, March 4, 2005. Come in and see the studio, meet the teachers and find out more about yoga and Soluna. We welcome all levels from beginner to advanced and strive to find the right class for everyone.

Synergy Acupuncture Physical Medicine

Timothy C. Rhudy, M.S., L.Ac.
1529 Western Ave., Albany, 369-6175

What can Acupuncture Physical Medicine do for you?

Relief from Pain

Increased Range of Motion

Advanced Trigger Point Technique Frees Tight, Painful Muscles Fast

Sleep Better, Digest Better, Breathe Better (regulates the autonomic nervous system)

Promotes a Bodily Felt Sense of Well Being

Awaken and Re-integrate Areas Blocked by Stress, Trauma or Injury

Gain Insight & Awareness of how your Bodymind Reacts to Stress

Acupuncture Physical Medicine treats chronic pain, gastrointestinal, gynecological, respiratory, myofascial, neurological and stress disorders without drugs or drug related side effects. Acupuncture Physical Medicine is a valuable complement to Psychotherapy for PTSD and other traumas that create tension, rigidity and holding patterns in the bodymind. Free consultation 369-6175

Four Seasons Natural Food Store and Café

33 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, 584-4670

A health counselor once told me that there is no such thing as perfect health. We are either moving toward better health or moving toward ill health. Unfortunately, this contradicts my hope that the day will naturally occur when everything will be perfect and then continue that way forever. My tendency is to be pretty much unconcerned about my health until it becomes a problem. Then I’ll do anything to get back to the pain free, normalcy that allows me to carry on with what I want to be doing. To make matters worse, the guy in the morning shower who swears to eat right and workout that day inhabits the same body as the over-hungry (breakfast and lunch skipped), stressed (what workout?) guy stuffing expired cookies in his mouth late in the afternoon. Finally, even when resolved to go towards better health, I get overwhelmed with so many theories and beliefs on foods that I can’t see the right path. So, what is there to do?

I try to surround myself with good habits and foods as much as possible, which works much of the time. I try to remember and follow agreed-upon ideas about healthy lifestyle: less processed, reasonable portions, organic, diverse colors and variety, avoiding trans-fats, exercise, relax. I believe that there are many correct choices and that a changing diet for me overtime is appropriate and probably necessary. I try to maximize the times when I’m inspired to live healthier and minimize the damage when I’m not. I try to pay attention to foods and habits that make me feel better over time and incorporate them more frequently. Finally, when it comes to foods, I try not to preach. How can I say what’s right for someone else, when often I don’t know or do what’s right for me. My best hope is to help others to make a change towards their own better health.

Dr. Robert Weissberg

785 Washington Ave., Albany, 438-7705

Large changes are required in many areas of our society. As citizens, we must take steps in our own lives, work to improve our communities, and make the right choices in referenda and elections. As a physician trained in Integrative Medicine, I am doing my part to move us in the right direction.

Integrative Medicine offers a healing and wellness-oriented form of medical practice, with a focus on the whole person, including body, heart/mind and spirit. I bring together the best practices of conventional bio-medicine with those of complementary and alternative medicine, focusing on improving diet, activity, lifestyle, and the mental/emotional internal environment. I recommend the least invasive and most natural and supportive therapies first, whether conventional or alternative. I honor and address individual uniqueness, rather than providing “one size fits all” medicine. It is my hope that these efforts will help to bring on the new health and wellness paradigm that is needed for the 21st Century.

Robert A. Weissberg, M.D. has been in practice since 1983, is board-certified in Family and Holistic Medicine and completed an Associate Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, where he trained with Andrew Weil, MD, at the University of Arizona. He offers whole- person-centered functional/metabolic medicine, mind-body and energy methods, and is a Reiki Master. He is happy to collaborate with other practitioners, including primary care physicians, and those practicing homeopathy, TCM/Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and other complementary disciplines.

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