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He Built This City

To the Editor:

What is happening to our readers? Have they lost all their intelligence, or is their use of drugs suddenly catching up to them? I have to laugh at some of the comments in the readers poll: “Our mayor looks like he’s in the mafia.” Haha, pleeaaseee . . . think of something better. News alert—The Sopranos is a TV show. “New Mayor”—all I say to that is, if you don’t like it move to another city, but before you do, remember to throw your beer bottles in the trash as you leave Alive at Five! Oh, and the comment about the “police, getting off with nothing”—can the police bashing just stop already! I think its time for some to take their blinders off, and just come back down to reality with the rest of us!

Robin Elario


The Critic’s Critic Criticized

To the Editor:

Having been unfortunate enough to sit through Madagascar at the Adirondack Theater Festival last month, I was appalled by Mr. O’Mara’s savaging [“Not the Play I Saw,” Letters, Aug. 4] of Kathy Ceceri’s spot-on review [“Absence of Malice (and Everything Else),” Theater, July 28]. The play was a thorough disappointment. Whatever promise playwright J.T. Rogers’ artful concept, storyline and dialogue offered never made it off the page.

Yes, the play won the Pinter Review Prize, and yes, it most certainly is art. But that alone doesn’t earn it clemency from real criticism, as Mr. O’Mara seems to advocate. Perhaps Mr. O’Mara should speak to the opening night audience which greeted the play’s end with brief, tepid applause (and, dare I say, a sigh of relief) or the fellow who sat behind me and snored through the second act.

Furthermore, it is exceedingly offensive to suggest that, because the two reviews appeared side by side, Ms. Ceceri was comparing the Shakespearean spoof to the highbrow drama. Only a poor reader could make such a puerile link.

Too many reviewers seem to think like Mr. O’Mara; praise must be lavished upon anything that comes under the guise of intellectualism and the merely entertaining should be abhorred or we risk “the culture of our region.” But Mr. O’Mara’s standard-less embrace of anything he deems “art” is as rudderless as the ATF’s casting, direction and staging of an otherwise intriguing drama.

Thank heaven that Metroland’s readers have someone like Kathy Ceceri, who has the courage to point out when the emperor has no clothes.

Denise Bassett

Saratoga Springs


Due to an editing error, we listed Betty Barnette, Albany’s incumbent city treasurer, as being supported by the Working Families Party [“The Candidates on the Record,” Trail Mix, Aug. 4]. This is not true.

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