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Check Your Heads

To the Editor:

“Next Stop—Impeachment” (Opinion, Dec. 29) concluded with very ominous thoughts. My childhood in the midst of the Holocaust in Budapest probably included all the warning signs we are now ignoring.

The president’s belligerent defense of illegal domestic spying jogged yet another memory. His assurance that these illegal policies only applied to a limited list; adding for emphasis “I repeat, limited,” reminded me of animated discussions from about 1941 and ’42 of who was on some “list” and who was temporarily safe. It took a while, but many of us found ourselves in mortal danger much too soon.

Only the executive really knows who is being monitored by the NSA program. So the lack of any oversight raises concerns of why even the semblance of a court review is bypassed. Rapid action seems little encumbered by the legal review process. So who is on the secret NSA list, and why can’t very pliant, security-minded jurists carry out their oversight? Are the people on the list suspected terrorists or opponents of administration? We hope it’s not too late to restrain this and other unchecked executive powers.

Ivan Vamos



In “Game On, Video-Game Vision aries”(Dec. 8), FEED, a multimedia exhibit shown at RPI in November, was mistakenly attributed to Friedrich Kirschner. It is actually the work of Kurt Hentschläger.

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