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Gimme Gimme

Area luminaries reveal their innermost secrets: what they want for Valentine’s Day

Love, exciting and new . . . and stressful! With St. Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a great many of you might find yourselves scrambling to do some last-minute shopping for that special someone in your life. Lord knows, there’s only one more commerce-driven holiday on the Roman calendar, and thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that one for another nine months or so. (Only 326 shopping days left, by the way!)

So what can you do for your preferred him or her that won’t say “I picked these up on the way home from work” or “All they had were Mother’s Day cards”? We posed a simple question (“What do you want for Valentine’s Day?”) to a wide swath of local celebrities and public figures, and their answers may shock and surprise you. At the very least, you’ll know what to do if you happen to be married to or dating one of them.


Susan Arbetter

Host/Producer, WAMC

A “Hot Java” bath bomb from It’s a combination of ginger, cinnamon and juniper berry oils which co-mingle to make bathing extra special (and if you’re lucky) maybe extra sensual. And a handwritten card that precisely (and in great detail) outlines why my husband will love me even though I constantly remind him which lane to be in, how fast to drive and when to exit.

Aaron Mair


A nice dinner at Shalimar followed by a slow walk in Washington Park. Why not give a brother flowers? We like them too!

Alan Ilagan

Freelance Writer and Critic

A platinum princess-cut diamond ring from my boyfriend.

Don Rittner

Schenectady County Historian

I would like a gift certificate to a B&B in Schenectady.

Harry Tutunjian

Mayor, Troy

Since an overnight stay at the Union Street Bed & Breakfast is out of the question, I will settle for $15 million from a long-lost uncle to complete our reconstruction plans for Riverfront Park.

Dan Wilcox

Poet and member of Veterans for Peace

I want love poems, more love poems, a mail sack full of love poems, and all the poets who wrote them to be reading them, personally, to me, as I sip champagne, eat chocolate and sniff roses.

R.M. Englehardt


A girlfriend who’s not insane . . . and that hopefully likes poetry.

Melanie Krahmer

Musician, Sirsy

I guess my number one desire would be a foot rub. A really long foot rub . . . with lotion and soft lights and that whole “worship me like I’m a goddess” thing.

Jason Steven Murphy


Stolen office supplies. Robotic killer manatees as my minions. Whatnot—so much whatnot. Hand-written lewd candy hearts. The band Heart, probably. Ya know, run of the mill romantic stuff—I’m easy to please.

Rex Smith

Vice President and Editor, The Times Union

I’m married to a redhead, you know, so my wishes match the sentiments of an old song: “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” P.S.: Happily married, I should note!

Democracy in Albany

Anonymous Blogger on Albany Politics

Two feet of snow, a flask of hot spiced cider and rum, two tubes/sleds, and a free afternoon for some sledding in the park with my significant other. And perhaps McGuire’s could send over some takeout for a post sledding meal.


Program Director/DJ, WEQX

Being single, I’d have to say . . . a blow-up doll that knows how to cook!

Nina Tucciarelli

Director, Lipstick Lovelies

A red velvet corset trimmed with diamonds direct from Paris, hazelnut gelato flown in fresh from Rome, and sushi from Saso’s Noodle House served on Fernando Falcone’s backside (and that sushi better include the spicy tuna, albacore, and Chris roll).

Duncan Crary

Director of Communications, Institute for Humanist Studies.

I want Bill O’Reilly and other conservative talk show hosts to accuse secular humanists of taking the “Saint” out of “St. Valentine’s Day.”

Thom Francis

President, Albany Poets

I would like for everyone to wake up and appreciate poetry . . . even if it is for just one day. That one day could make all the difference.

Mary Panza

Vice President, Albany Poets; Massage Therapist

For Valentine’s Day I would like to see my feet. I am seven months pregnant.

Jeb Colwell

Musician, Hector on Stilts

A heart-shaped box of chocolates. I think your readers would be relieved to know that although I am often seen stepping in and out of a limo, I have inexpensive taste.

Jason Keller

DJ, Channel 103.1

I’d like to have a girl cook a nice meal for me. I like fresh ingredients, but even if it has to come from a bag or a mix; I’m cool with that. Burning the food can be cute; undercooking it makes me think you want me dead.

John Delehanty

producer, scarlet east studios; musician, the clay people

What I would like most for Valentine’s Day is a woman whose sultry charms could lure me away from my studio for a night and cook me a nice dinner. Some sort of pasta dish with a sherry cream sauce would be nice. Hell, I’ll cook the damn dinner. I don’t remember the last time I spent a night outside the studio for something not music-related. . . . I am also quite fond of caramels.

Brian McGarvey

musician, the clay people

I would like a magic lamp from which to conjure a sexy djinni who will grant me three wishes.

Eric Schwanke

musician, The Clay People, Idols never die

A bottle of Sex Panther, by Odeon.

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