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Go Ask Archie

To the Editor:

When are we going to stop paying attention to Alice Green and her never-ending whine-fests dumping on the Albany Police Department [“Give a Little Respect,” Newsfront, Feb. 23]?

Last year, I had the privilege of advising Archie Goodbee on public safety issues during his primary campaign for mayor of Albany. Mr. Goodbee was a smart and astute student in learning about the most progressive ideas in that field—ideas that were very definitely in the best interest of our minority citizens who bear the brunt of crime in our society. As far as I know, Mr. Goodbee doesn’t have the Ph.D. that Alice Green does. That doesn’t mean that he’s not a whole lot smarter than her.

Terry O’Neill


Thanks for the Kind Words

To the Editor:

Ho hum, another article in Metroland [“Cruel and Unusual?” Feb. 23] praising the virtues of violent criminals and condemning the State for not recognizing the goodness of the criminal class. Let’s see, you could afford a whole sentence about why virtuous criminal number one, Sal Dagnone, is in prison. Then it’s on to a list of his estimable qualities (e.g., earned a G.E.D., married, etc.). It was of course not desirable to list the estimable qualities of the person he murdered; that would ruin the theme of the article.

Then it’s on to criminal number two. “Christopher Campos . . . came to the United States when he was 13.” There’s the obligatory sentence about the victim—stabbed and then hit with a baseball bat. But that’s it. No need to worry about the victim’s medical condition; that would ruin the theme of the story. No let’s focus on the virtuous criminal.

One can only hope that the writer and editors of the Metroland will encounter similar virtuous criminals in their natural habitats before the latter are arrested.

Joel Margolis


Democracy and Diversity

To the Editor:

As a long time listener to both WAMC and to Democracy Now! [“Democracy Now!, Now,” Newsfront, Feb. 16], I have this piece of advice to those who wish to bring the two together: Get real!

It would seem to me that the thing that we need to encourage, to the greatest extent practicable, is media diversity. Right now, here in the Capital District, we still have some of that, and I think that if we start trying to turn WAMC into WBAI (the NYC station where Democracy Now! used to originate), it will sound too much like WRPI. That is not to say anything bad about WRPI (I have volunteered there, and greatly admire the station), but we already have a WRPI; why do we need two?

If you are in a location where Democracy Now! cannot be heard, I want to know why. I think you would have to be a basement apartment dweller in the middle of nowhere to be unable to get at least the audio by one way or another.

For those who missed it: WRPI 91.5 FM at 9 AM. You can also podcast it, audio or video. You can also download it manually, audio or video. You can also stream it live from WRPI or WBAI or any of the other stations carrying it that also stream on the Internet. You can also get it on Free Speech TV (Channel 9415 on Dish Network) several times a day, or Link TV (Channel 9410 on Dish Network, Channel 347 on DirecTV) several times a day. So, if you want to bitch at someone to get something added somewhere, how about getting Time Warner to carry Link TV or FSTV? It makes a hell of a lot more sense than placing undue pressure on WAMC, who are doing a great job.

Glenn C. Lasher, Jr.


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