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The Suggestions

Valentine’s, Thursday

Remember the Suggestions? That pop band who were touring like crazy a few years ago? Whatever happened to those guys? Well, we have the scoop. Multi-instrumental musician (and Metroland scribe) John Brodeur has been busy with, oh, three or four other bands lately, and the bassist and drummer have moved away, making gigs a bit harder to coordinate. Though the three members (Brodeur, Keith Hosmer and Jay Schultz) now live in three different states, they are getting together for a reunion show tonight at Valentine’s to kick off their Gone and Gone Again Tour, featuring a few rare concert dates this month. Inside sources tell us that the band have been working on a bunch of new songs, but you will most likely be able to hear a couple oldies-but-goodies too. Check the Suggestions’ MySpace ( suggestions) for more tour dates, and get out to a show are two. They will be just as excited to see you as you will be to see them. Pittsfield pop princes Hector on Stilts will open tonight’s show. (May 25, 9 PM, $5, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)

josephine foster

Josephine Foster

Valentine’s, Friday

“You might call Ms. Foster’s eerie warbling old-fashioned, except that it evokes a scrambled past that exists only in her own vision: mountain songs that never were, spaced-out hybrids that never will be.” So sayeth The New York Times about Josephine Foster, and we’re in complete agreement. The Devendra Banhart pal—Jesus, isn’t everybody pals with Banhart these days?—has developed a formidable reputation for her eerie (that word again), unnerving-but- compelling song journeys into a past that harmoniously includes 19th-century American and medieval Europe. And, now, 19th-century Europe: Her new album, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, is a collection of art songs by the likes of Brahms and Schubert. We guess that the Australian writer for the Melbourne City Search was dead-on when writing that “new psychedelic folk fans” will be “gobsmacked to hear from Josephine Foster.” Actually, we just like to see “gobsmacked” and “folk” in the same sentence. Arizona Drains and dry-as-a-glass-of-undiluted-gin noise-folkie Connie Acher will open. (May 26, 9 PM, $5, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572.)

Boys Night Out

Saratoga Winners, Saturday

Boys Night Out, an Ontario-based, scream-laced, pop-punk band, debuted in 2002 with their album Broken Bones and Bloody Kisses. However, don’t expect to hear only what MTV calls their “typical pop-punk/emo/lotsa yelling” style this Saturday at Saratoga Winners. Their third album, Trainwreck, has distanced them from the pop-punk identity and set them toward a more melancholy, melodic pop-rock sound. Trainwreck, written entirely by guitarist Jeff Davis, is a musical novella that follows a man who has been admitted to a hospital for killing his wife. Though this murder-plot concept album is still prone to some abrupt bursts of shouting, most of the vocals are more melodic and energetic. Boys Night Out undoubtedly will play songs from their previous albums along with tracks from Trainwreck that’ll reveal their new style. Boys Night Out will be at Saratoga Winners this Saturday with special guests Anterrabae, Just Surrender, and Drive By. (May 27, 7:30 PM, $12, 1375 New Loudon Road, Latham, 783-1010)

Mark Kozelek

Iron Horse Music Hall, Saturday

Mark Kozelek was the voice of 4AD recording artists Red House Painters; over six releases, the Painters (along with Galaxie 500, to be fair) practically paved the way for “slowcore” acts like Low and the Radar Bros. He’s also the guy behind Sun Kil Moon, whose Ghosts of the Great Highway ended up on about a bajillion Top 10 lists at the end of 2003. His most recent solo release is Tiny Cities, a collection of interpretations of songs from the Modest Mouse catalog. It follows in the footsteps of What’s Next to the Moon, Kozelek’s 2001 collection of Bon Scott-era AC/DC covers. (You really wouldn’t know they were AC/DC songs if you weren’t told; same goes for the Modest Mouse stuff.) This one should be worth the drive. (May 27, 10 PM, $18, 20 Center St., Northampton, Mass., 413-584-0610)

Carl Palmer Band

revolution hall, monday

The Carl Palmer Band will hit Revolution Hall on Monday to celebrate the music of supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Palmer is known as a drummer with speed, excellent technical skills and a flair for live performance. Over the years he’s never really settled down with one musical project, jumping around from supergroups to not-so-super groups. One of the most decorated rock drummers since the beginning of his career around 40 years ago, Palmer now owns and runs Drum Clinics UK, whose mission is to teach the instrument to deaf and blind children, among others. (May 29, 8 PM, $25, 425 River St., Troy, 273-2337)

Burning Daylight Tour featuring DevilDriver

Saratoga Winners, Tuesday

Dez Fafara of DevilDriver used to play in a nu-metal band called Coal Chamber. They sang a little ditty called “Big Truck” about, well, big trucks, and the song went: “Big truck, big truck, big truck, big truck.” Now the lead singer of a proper metal band, Ferara takes his writing a bit more seriously, and sings a moving tune entitled “Die and Die Now,” that goes: “Die and die now!/I wish you were dead/I wish you were dead/I wish you were dead/I wish you were dead/I wish you were dead/I wish you were dead.” Fafara also takes time to warn his audience: “Don’t mistake kindness for weakness/Front and center for another ass kicking.” We suggest you heed his warning: Don’t be tardy for your DevilDriver beatdown, or you might wind up the muse for his next eloquent “hate song.” (May 30, 7:30 PM, $17, 1375 New Loudon Road, Latham, 783-1010)

Also Noted

guy davis

He ain’t no fortunate son: Blues whiz Guy Davis, son of actors Ruby Dee and the late Ossie Davis, plays Great Barrington’s Club Helsinki tomorrow (Friday, 9 PM, $20, 413-528-3394). . . . At MASS MoCA’s Hunter Center this Sunday, it’s former Living Colour ax-man Vernon Reid and his new group, Masque; eight-piece jazz/hiphop/funk/hard-bop ensemble Liquid Soul will open (8 PM, $24, 413-662-2111). . . . Woodstock report: Karl Wallinger’s band World Party are back with a new album, Dumbing Up, and they’ll play at Bearsville Theater in Bearsville (near Woodstock) this Sunday (8 PM, $25, 845-679-4406); also on Sunday, former British soldier turned wispy pop crooner James Blunt will deliver a special acoustic performance at Belleayre Music Festival; the show is a benefit for both the Belleayre Music Conservatory and a Woodstock-area animal shelter (7 PM, $25-$100, 800-942-6904 ext. 344). . . . The New Age Cabaret, evicted from its North Albany home early this spring (“Music With No Home,” Newsfront, March 2), has settled into a new location at the Trinity Church on Lark Street in Albany; Jupiter Sunrise, Let Go, and Kaddisfly will play the new space this Wednesday ($10, 6 PM, 436-3465).

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