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The Right to Rock

To the Editor:

Regarding your story on the struggle of local kids to find a place to play their music [“Church of Rock,” Newsfront, Oct. 12], I must say that it reflects the persistent conflict between “the cranky old ladies” who don’t want the kids on their block and the kids who have no place to go to be outrageous & shock the grown-ups. That Trinity Church opened up their doors to these outrageous, shocking kids is to be commended. Ministry is opening up your house to dirty and smelly strangers, not just your proper, stuck-up neighbors, according to the way I understand the New Testament.

I think Colleen Ryan and other residents objecting to what goes on behind the closed doors of any of their neighbors, let alone Trinity Church, is just plain mean-spirited. If you don’t like the bands, why would you go to the bother of looking up their lyrics on the Internet? I ran a poetry open mic less than a block away at the Bookshop for years with plenty of blasphemy, profanity, even treason spoken by adults and kids, and nobody objected.

Leave the kids alone and let them have their music.

Dan Wilcox


Have Not Sympathy for the Have-Nots

To the Editor:

In response to Nicole Klaas’s article about welfare reform [“Still Here, Still Poor,” Oct. 12], I would like to totally disagree with her. How can you feel sorry for anyone who is 35 years old and has six children? I would guess there is no husband and more than one father. And she says she is trying to get ahead?! In this day in age there is absolutely no reason to have an unplanned pregnancy. Birth control is everywhere, and free half the time. As for those who say they cannot afford birth control, then you really cannot afford a child! Six children! That is too many children for people who can afford it today. Where are the fathers? Why aren’t they being held accountable? I am sick of having a third of my salary to support all the “poor” people and their poor choices.

I have been married for 10 years and am now having my first child. Yes, imagine—first married, get established a little, then have a child and raise it with the father, and both of us continue to even work. As for getting rid of poverty, give it up. There have been the have and have-nots since the beginning of time. Continue to rob from the producers of society and the producers stop producing, then what? People would have to accountable for themselves and all there [sic] children. As it is now, we make it easy and I guarantee the woman in the article with six children is raising six children who do not value marriage or personal responsibility. In other words, six people who will continue to suck my tax dollars from me. And the cycle continues . . .

Amy Miazga

Ballston Spa

My Hero

To the Editor:

What a wonderful article on the very up-and-coming Kirsten Gillibrand [“We Need to Talk,” Oct. 5], marred only by the sniveling of Alan Chartock. Why he is supporting Sweeney, who won over the White House by physically blocking the Florida recount, without meeting or observing Kirsten is beyond me. I was polled in the Siena poll, and the poor young thing who queried me stumbled over Gillibrand’s name at every opportunity. I did not consider it an independent poll when the pollster cannot even pronounce one candidate’s name. That poll was months ago, and since then Kirsten has traversed the gerrymandered 20th district winning over voters by the diligence she will bring to the job as our congresswoman.

She has not run a smear campaign to counter Sweeney’s rank innuendos, although John Sweeney has provided ample ammunition in his public life. How can we forget his first job in public service, as DWI coordinator for Rensselaer County. John was arrested for DWI himself, not exactly the kind of poster boy one wants for the party. His performances as DoL and OGS commissioners would have been worse than lackluster had he bothered to show up more often.

Just as Kirsten has challenged John Sweeney to a debate or two, I challenge Alan Chartock to prove he is man enough to listen to both sides. He might be surprised at what a jewel we have willing to represent us.

Polly Windels

Ballston Spa

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