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The Pietasters, H2O, Murderer’s Row

Revolution Hall, Saturday

The Pietasters, an eight-piece ska band (we looked it up—eight, is, like, the minimum number of people you can have in a ska band. Who knew?) from the Washington, D.C.-area mid-’90s ska scene, haven’t had a new release in a whole lotta years, but what they do have is a new DVD of classic hits and never-before-released material, according to their Web site. They’ll currently touring in support of this DVD, and they’ll stop by Troy to play Revolution Hall with special guests H2O and Murderer’s Row. (Jan. 6, 7:30 PM, $14, $12, 425 River St., Troy, 274-0553)

Livingston Taylor

Iron Horse Music Hall, Friday-Saturday

With precious little going on in Capital Region clubs and concert venues this week, we look east for our musical kicks, where we find . . . well, someone who you’ll probably be able to see for free in Schenectady this summer. But it’s only fair that we cast some light on Taylor’s two appearances this weekend, as his brother (James) was just in Albany this week to play for the new governor. So if you’re in the mood for some refined folk served up by one of the masters of adult-contemporary craft, hustle out to Noho this weekend, where Livingston Taylor will perform hits from his catalog, as well as songs from his recent release There You Are Again. Just don’t ask him to play “Fire and Rain.” (Jan.5-6, 7 PM, $23, 20 Center St., Northampton, Mass., 413-584-0610)

Yarn featuring Blake Christiana

Caffe Lena, Saturday

Schenectady native Blake Christ-iana, of Blake & the Family Dog, is at the heart of new-ish folk-country outfit Yarn, featuring mandolin, vocals and guitar. Yarn has a residency in Greenwich Village at Kenny’s Castaways, but right now, they’re touring the Northeast in support of a new album that’s not technically out yet. But why should they let that stop them? According to a Daily Gazette article published yesterday (Wednesday), this project has been in the works for quite a while—Christiana said he’s been wanting to do an acoustic project for about 10 years. This weekend he’ll bring his band and their bluegrass-inflected tunes to Caffe Lena. (Jan. 6, 8 PM, $10, $8, 47 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, 583-0022)

The Flash Attacks, Social Circkle

Valentine’s, Sunday

Hailing from “Toxic Hell, New Jersey” and sounding like “a filthy rabid ape let loose in a hospital nursery,” the Flash Attacks will headline a night of down-and-dirty hardcore punk this Sabbath. It’s a hard life trying to keep your street cred while being an old-fashioned workingman’s hardcore band. You’ve gotta stay tough and dirty while slanging out catchy pop guitar hooks that would make Blink 182 jealous all while your drummer lays down the same 4/4 beat he learned in band class. So how do you do that? If you’re the Flash Attacks, you lay on a thick faux cockney accent, and spit vitriol like a filthy rabid ape. (Dec. 22, 7 PM, $10, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)

Kill Hannah

Kill Hannah, The Pink Spiders, Dropping Daylight

Northern Lights, Tuesday

For a band named after a high schooler their lead singer dated more than 10 years ago, Kill Hannah sure have staying power. The group weathered almost a decade of near-constant lineup changes and gigging at small Chicago venues prior to being signed by Atlantic Records in late 2002; since then, Kill Hannah have released two moderately successful albums, including 2006’s Until There Is Nothing Left of Us. The band’s sound is equal parts glam-pop and glitzy angst, and has often been compared to that of their Second City forbears, the recently reunited Smashing Pumpkins. Says Billy Corgan himself: “They may have a sexually ambiguous nature—like me. They may sing in a high nasal voice—like me. But unlike me, they are the future of Chicago rock.” Also on the bill: the Pink Spiders, Dropping Daylight, Saosin, Love Arcade, and Action Reaction. (Jan. 9, 7 PM, $7, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)


Also Noted

Tonight (Thursday), enjoy the politically charged ska-punk-roots-rock of Citizen Band at Club Helsinki in Great Barrington, Mass. (8 PM, $10, 413-528-3394). . . . Tomorrow (Friday), after the 1st Friday Art Openings, head over to Tess’ Lark Tavern for live music from Guiltless Cult and the Sense Offenders (10 PM, $5, 463-7875). . . . Rescheduled from late December, the 4th Annual Ghosts of Hardcore Past show will hit Valentine’s this Saturday. Featuring modern-day hardcore bands covering songs by their hero bands, the lineup includes Menace Society as Operation Ivy, the Jury as Buzzcocks, Outta Hand as Fear, Evixxion as Weezer, and Kitty Little as Violent Femmes (7 PM, call for price, 432-6572). . . . The low rider must be in the shop: A performance by War, scheduled for this Sunday at the Van Dyck, has been canceled; call the venue for refund information (381-1111).

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