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Cat Piffle

To the Editor:

The reason I didn’t pick up last week’s issue when it came out was the cover. I saw it and thought to myself, “Are you kidding?” I was appalled by the article you had decided to place as your front-page headline. Regardless, the small, lightly beige print telling what the article was about hooked me. It had to be read as this could be an interesting and smart topic for someone to share their opinion on.

About one quarter through “Cloying Times” [March 13], I was having trouble continuing, asking “What is she talking about? Does this mean anything?” Here and there I came across some mention of the war in the Middle East, and some Hello Kitty, and some LOLcat, a little Spitzer, more cat words, hating Juno, more cats, touching on Japanese pop culture, with a dash of more hatred towards cats. As I began to fade out while trying to push on, I began jumping from paragraph to paragraph, looking for something with depth, or meaning, to no avail.

By the halfway point I had become incredibly frustrated on the high count of the amazingly overused big words, which in an article lacking a point or story only makes the writer appear pretentious and idiotic, and began asking why I had continued past the first paragraph. By three-fourths completion there was no longer any lingering amount of interest.

Prior to this I thought maybe, just maybe, someone in your staff gave a damn and almost had some pride in honest journalism. Outside of claiming the title “The Capital Region’s Alternative Newsweekly,” and outrightly using articles from a mainstream paper (which, just in case you wondered, does not make you alternative), placing utter trash like that in your reader’s faces is completely disrespectful.

Not only was that article poorly written, it was irrelevant to anything and had no consistency. The trash you fed my brain jumped from subject to subject of meaningless words strewn about a few pages. Sharon Steel obviously has her job because she convinced some pea-brained individuals at the Boston Phoenix that by using large or rarely used “intelligent” words, that she was quite qualified to express her opinions to the masses for pay.

That might be the Phoenix’s way of helping the public become aware of what really matters, but I expected better from Metroland. This story did not convey a single message, other than fact that one individual doesn’t like some pop culture crap, that most Americans I know don’t know or give a damn about. Too far and in between were the tidbits that touched on what Americans supposedly aren’t paying attention to because of Internet cat nonsense. The article ranted about not paying attention to the issues, which, with its beat-around-the-bush writing, only proceeded to waste a few pages that could have been about real issues.

Sharon Steel’s story of cuteness became the cuteness she hates and in turn wasted my time; and now your paper is in my trashcan. I’m not too thrilled about that, because I like to recycle, but that is just garbage and deserves to be there.

The remainder of the “Newsweekly” was probably just as good as any other week, but I have too terrible a taste in my mouth to pull it out from under my used coffee filters and orange peels to give it a second chance.

P.S. Don’t worry your pretty little heads, I’ll read your paper again next week.

Trevor Everts



Editor’s reply:

While the letter writer did not specify the article he said we reprinted from a “mainstream” paper, we would like to remind our readers that the Boston Phoenix, where the article criticized in his letter first appeared, also is an alternative newsweekly.

Say No More

To the Editor:

Please stop doing the annual Readers’ Picks issue. Please. It’s become the written-word equivalent of driving down Central Avenue. It’s a stark reminder that we are a trash city with a poop butt. It’s one thing to allow Sirsy to stuff the ballot each year. We all let that pass because no one has the heart to tell them it’s over. But when you allow the Capital District to out itself as the most broke landfill of a city next to Amsterdam, you are really doing us a disservice. Price Chopper as the best local florist? Is Taco Bell the best place to bring a date? Please stop doing the annual Readers’ Picks issue.

Patrick Kindlon


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