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Too Sexy for McCoffee

To the Editor:

Oh goody, this year’s installment of “Best of the Capital Region,” [July 17] as determined by the Metroland staff. Another chance for that staff to embrace and champion the high brow, the esoteric, the independents, the artsy-fartsy, and the too-hip-to-be-called-trendy, all for the satisfaction of illustrating what “cool” taste they have. Don’t get me wrong: like your staff, I’m also a liberal with a few elitist opinions about the region’s “best.” But unlike your staff, I’m not averse to going to a Super Mall, shopping in the chain stores, eating in the food court, catching a big budget flick at Multiplex 118, driving home to the sound of a commercial radio station playing “get the Led out,” and stopping on the way for a McCoffee on ice. A night of such commercial slumming would probably send the Metroland staff to the ballet the following night just to cleanse themselves, whether they liked ballet or not. Come down from Pretension Mountain, staffers. You want to truly be “alternative”? Be liberal without the elitism.

Mark C. Daniels


Meanie to Greenies?

To the Editor:

Sen. Joe Bruno’s announcement that he would not be running for state Senate [“An American Tale,” July 3] was one of those rare pieces of good news—if only Sheldon Silver had also decided to retire as well. Maybe Bruno’s district gained financially while he was in office, but our region, and New York state on the whole, suffered, thanks to the anti-environmental policies of Joe Bruno.

For over 20 years, Smart Growth legislation had run up against a brick wall in the state Senate. Legislation that has been stalled in committee would have allowed state funding only for projects planned for areas where infrastructure already exists. This would have been problematic when it came to the Luther Forest Technology Park, where AMD, Bruno’s pride and joy, is slated to be built. It’s interesting to note that, where land use policy is concerned, New York state does not have mandatory local planning; local governments are not required to have a written comprehensive plan nor zoning ordinance. Sprawl and the urban decline that goes with it have gobbled up millions of acres of farmland and resulted in increased commuting miles for New Yorkers at a time when global warming calls for the direct opposite. But, I suppose, that would have been something only “greenies” (as Bruno likes to label environmentalists) care about.

Since Bruno was a developer himself, it would have made no sense for him to vote for bills that would have hurt his bottom line. He proved that when he voted against wetlands protection in 2005. According to an article in the Sierra Atlantic of the fall of that year by John Stouffer, First Grafton—a real estate development project composed of Sen. Bruno, family members, and a top Albany lobbyist—had a history of violating federal wetlands law. Sen. Bruno’s company had been involved in selling plots of land containing wetlands while simultaneously working to kill the wetlands bill.

Lastly, Sen. Bruno’s opposition to the Bigger Better Bottle Bill, another pro-environment bill that he labeled “bad for business,” has helped to keep a badly needed piece of legislation in limbo. Despite the fact that 200 million tons of plastic from drinking and other types of bottles go into our landfills annually, back in 2005, Bruno’s aides were reported to have said that the senator’s constituents were not that concerned about the health of the environment, and, so, Bruno voted nay to the BBBB.

Even though Bruno is leaving office, his name will live on in the minds of area residents attending sports events, or drinking spring water at the Sen. Joseph Bruno pavilion, thanking him silently for making those things a reality. I, on the other hand, will be remembering him for other things—arrogance not being the least of them.

Barbara Trypaluk

Saratoga Springs

Oops . . .

The review of Doubt: A Parable [Theater, June 19] incorrectly credited Adriane Lenox as the actress who portrayed Mrs. Muller. In the Capital Repertory production, Mrs. Muller was played by Kelly Taffe.

The address of Best Way-Late-Night Dining winner, Café 217, [Best of the Capital Region 2008, July 17] was listed as 217 Delaware Ave. In fact, Café 217 is located at 12 1/2 Delaware Ave. Go figure!

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