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Bring (Some of) It Back

To the Editor:

Though I’m not a big fan James Howard Kunstler and have faith in certain biofuels, I applaud the two transportation essays in “Bring it Back” [Aug. 7] by Stephen Leon and Shawn Stone regarding trains, trolleys, and overnight riverboat cruises to New York City. Intra-city (including Saratoga Springs in our case) mass transit must be light rail since city buses can be caught in gridlock traffic just as surely as passenger cars can, and intra- or inter-city rail are the most energy-efficient ways to transport people (and cargo) without packing them in like stratospheric sardines or searching them like they’re visiting a prison or the White House.

A fair-weather river cruise service would certainly show people the magnificent beauty of the Hudson River (the day cruises, that is), and is dually ideal since Manhattan is the place where even yours truly would rather be carless. But Shawn, does it have to be a “naughty” affair?

Which (indirectly) brings us to Kathryn Lange: Go roller discoing if you want. It’s a free country. But the thought of Barack Obama ushering in a new (short-lived) Jimmy Carter era combined with a nostalgia for disco, well . . . my “PTSS” mind only sees the mirror image of the Nazis at the very, very, end of the film version of Cabaret.

Bernard Continelli


Editor’s note:

Kathryn Lange is not now, nor has ever been a Nazi. Her nostalgia for roller disco was in no way intended to further Nazism, which she openly condemns. But we certainly understand the connection . . . sort of.

Character Assassination?

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to David King’s article, “Albany’s Pride” [Newsfront, July 31]. The commissioners of the NYS Board of Elections ruled the Sullivan for Congress petition valid. Keri Kressler’s objections to my petition were a politically motivated exercise in character assassination, as well as an attempt to knock me off the Sept. 9 Democratic primary ballot, to the benefit of their candidate, Paul Tonko, who also has the Working Families Party ballot line.

Kressler is an operative for the Working Families Party. Morris’ husband is on Speaker Sheldon Silver’s staff. Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari (D-Cohoes) is a major Tonko backer. Tonko is a former assemblyman and a life member of that club. It is in the interest of the assembly Democrats to control the next congressman from the 21st District.

However, it is in the best interests of the residents of the 21st Congressional District to elect an independent, Democrat, who has no ties with, or backing from, any special interest group or politician(s). (Me).

Kressler, Albany Common Council President, Shawn Morris, notary man Paul Stewart, the stalker chick, and assorted 7th District left wingers, have been conducting a political vendetta against 7th District Democratic County Legislator Brian Scavo, who defeated their Democratic incumbent in the primary, and their Green Party candidate, in the November election, 2007.

To Kressler, Morris, Stewart et al., I say: Get over it! Scavo is your county legislator for the next 3 1/2 years, and maybe for many more after that. Work with him, not against him, for the good of the residents of the 7th District.

Joseph P. Sullivan

Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 21st District


Where’s the Hip-Hop?

To the Editor:

So for the second year in a row, I perused Metroland’s “Best Of ´issue [July 17] and found that there was no Best Hip-Hop Act Category. Last year I spent six months reciting a letter to the editor in my head and never got around to it. When it happened again this year, the voice in my brain left me with no choice. I must admit that I am not objective in this situation. I’m in an Albany based hip-hop band, Broadcast Live, which has gotten plenty of ink in Metroland over the years, so we don’t have much to complain about. But are you aware that some of the best MCs in the world live in Albany?

What gives? I mean hip-hop is a globally recognized art form. Some of the most relevant poetry of the past 50 years can be attributed to hip-hop lyricists. So what is the reason for the glaring omission? My assumption is that the staff chose not to include hip-hop because you are out of touch with the local scene and, therefore, ignorant to the fact that Albany is a relevant spot on the hip-hop map. If this is true I would have to say that it is pretty sad that the genre that y’all chose to leave out happens to be the one most relevant to the black community in Albany.

The truth is hip-hop is relevant to many people. Shouldn’t it be relevant to the alternative newsweekly of the Capital Region? It has occurred to me that there may be another reason that hip-hop was not represented in the “Best Of” issue. You simply forgot. Twice. I don’t know which is scarier. At least you didn’t forget Best Electro Pop and Best Pop Electro.

Victorio Reyes


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