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Philip Glass— Philip on Film

Mass MoCA, Friday

Philip Glass’ return to North Adams could have been tied to David Bowie’s recent 62nd birthday, considering the famed composer’s vested interest in the music of the Thin White Duke. (He has composed a series of symphonies based on Bowie’s collaborations with Brian Eno.) And that would have been quite a show! But instead, Glass comes to the area tomorrow (Friday) to perform and discuss his many contributions to the world of film. And still, we expect it to be a very compelling show, for Glass has scored all kind of films, ranging from Jim Carrey vehicle The Truman Show to the works of horror auteur Clive Barker. Space is limited, so definitely call ahead before heading out for this one. (Jan. 16, 8 PM, $34-$38, 87 Marshall St., North Adams, Mass., 413-662-2111)

Strunz and Farah

The Egg, Friday

The postmodern musical paradigm has birthed some pretty strange hybrid forms, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted what Costa Rica and Iran would have sounded like when stuffed in a blender. When Jorge Strunz and Ardeshir Farah, virtuosic acoustic guitarists, met in the late ’70s, this question was even unclear to them. Since then, the duo have been busy providing an answer in a style that has been alternately dubbed ethnojazz and world guitar. Whatever you want to call it, the style is fast, rich and exotic—like flamenco offered up to Allah—and has earned them a Grammy nomination and a Billboard World Music award. The show tomorrow (Friday) will feature full band support. (Jan. 16, 8 PM, $28, Empire State Plaza, Albany, 473-1845)

The Wiyos

The Wiyos

Caffe Lena, Friday; Club Helsinki, Sunday

For weeks now, a little bird has been whispering in our ears about the Wiyos. However, birds, we thought, have a tendency to squawk as much as sing, so the Wiyos, we assumed, must be for the proverbial avians. But on a midnight dreary we went rapping, tapping on the Internet’s chamber door, and with one listen to the Wiyos’ MySpace page, we learned to doubt the raven nevermore. The Wiyos are a gem of jug-band Americana, talented enough to deserve their iconic fedoras, and rough-and-tumble enough to deserve the name they share with one of NYC’s most notorious street gangs. That washboard they play onstage may well be the same one they use to launder their delicates. (Jan. 17, 8 PM, $16, 47 Phila St., Saratoga Springs, 583-0022; Jan. 18, 8 PM, $15, 284 Main St., Great Barrington, Mass., 413-528-3394)

Beatlemania Again

The Linda, Saturday

Once upon a time, there was a little skiffle band from Liverpool, England. They played around at the local clubs as the Quarrymen, covering tunes by American acts like Buddy Holly, until a fellow named Stu joined up and suggested a name change. They became the Beatles, and you know the rest. You probably even know the backstory, but we mention it because it seems to be the only part of the Beatles story not covered by the Beatlemania Again show, which storms the Linda this weekend. Indeed, Beatlemania Again sports live reproductions of all your favorite Fab Four classics, from “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” through “Let It Be,” complete with full costumes. Sure, it may not be Shea Stadium, but neither is Shea Stadium anymore. (Jan. 17, 7 PM, $20, 339 Central Ave., Albany, 465-5233 ext. 4)

Blessed by a Broken Heart, Love Hate Hero

Valentine’s, Wednesday

Another week, another Cana dian metal band. But Blessed by a Broken Heart are far from a true old-school act; in fact, they’re a bunch of tigerprint-bandana- wearing, Hot Topic-endorsed glam-metal kids whose goofy shtick is, honestly, hard to take seriously: Really guys, an album called Pedal to the Metal? But then, we’re not the target demographic for this stuff (read: We’re old.). L.A. band Love Hate Hero are just as heavy on the hairspray, but even heavier on the metal—despite titles like “She Puts the Ho in Homewrecker,” the band lay down a mean thrash. The funniest part about this so-called Terminatour is that you can bet not one of the band members was alive when the original Terminator film was released. But then, we’re old. (Jan. 21, call for prices, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)

Also Noted

Lights Resolve

The Tugboat Tavern in Cohoes is the place to be tonight (Thursday) to catch ’70s hitmaker Pat Travers; the John Morse and Tom Harding will open (8 PM, call for prices, 233-1085). . . . The hitmakers of tomorrow will be at Valentine’s tonight, where youngsters Citizen Genet and Sunny Day Turtle team up to deliver the rock (8 PM, $5, 432-6572). . . . Rootsy rockers Railroad Earth return to Revolution Hall on Saturday, with guests Old School Freight Train (8 PM, $18, 274-0553). . . . Did you know that the Guinness brewery in Dublin is on a 9,000-year lease at the rate of just 45 pounds per year? We’re guessing Celtic act St. James’ Gate were hoping for such economical longevity when they named their band after the famed site; they’ll be at Caffe Lena on Sunday (7 PM, $12, 583-0022). . . . Ramblin Jug Stompers turn their monthly residency into a “Bye-Bye Bush Bash” this Monday at Tess’ Lark Tavern; Music Mobile maven Ruth Pelham will be among the special guests on board to help celebrate the door hitting the leaving president in the ass on his way out (7 PM, free, 463-9779). . . . Long Island trio Lights Resolve bring their stadium-sized rock sound to Northern Lights on Wednesday; they’ll be joined by Elevation, Drive-By, and 28N (7 PM, $7, 371-0012).

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