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F-Timmi Reunion Show

Valentine’s, Saturday

If you paid even glancing attention to the Capital Region rock scene in the early part of this decade, you know F-Timmi. The pop-punk act haven’t played a note in a few years, thanks to geographical considerations (members now live in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and North Carolina), but this Saturday they’ll reunite on the Valentine’s stage to support Food Pantries for the Capital District. Lest you think this is just another gimmick—and if it helps the hungry, whatever works—let it be known that this is the gimmick to end all gimmicks. No less than seven—seven!—bands are staging reunions at Saturday’s show. Third to None, Three Point Turn, and Importante will all reunite for full-band sets, while the Pushcart War, Plan 10, and Method of Groove will “get back together” for acoustic revisitations of their former glories. And there are even more bands, ones who play regularly, on the bill, making this the holiday weekend’s best value by about 500 percent. (Dec. 26, 8 PM, $5, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Bearsville Theater, Saturday

There’s no way that this will come out right, so we’ll just say it: It’s a light weekend for live music, which makes it the perfect time to catch up with New Riders of the Purple Sage. The band who began some 40 years ago as a Grateful Dead spinoff may look different these days—a few original members have passed in recent years—but David Nelson and company still keep a workmanlike schedule. This was one of the band’s busiest years in a while: 2009 saw the release Where I Come From, their first studio album in 17 years, on which Nelson collaborated with Dead lyricist Robert Hunter. The New Riders bring their blissed-out country jams to Woodstock on Boxing Day, where they’ll be joined by the region’s own Professor Louie and the Crowmatix. (Dec. 26, 9 PM, $30, 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, 845-679-4406)

Badfish, Scotty Don’t

Northern Lights, Sunday

A lot of bands sit tight during Christmas week, waiting for the holidays to blow over before heading out for the next leg of the tour. But not Badfish. No, the Rhode Island trio recognize a unique opportunity in playing this weekend, banking on fans to be feeling the live-music drought by the time Sunday night gets here. And how will they fill the void? With a concert-length dose of Sublime covers! They’ll be joined by their favorite warmup act, the band’s self-contained original-music wing Scotty Don’t. We joke and we kid about the Badfish M.O. (you can hear “Santeria” in any bar, anywhere, right now), but we have to admire their moxie. Two cuts for one band? It’s this shrewd business sense that put this band’s—or, these bands’—annual concert grosses in the millions. (Dec. 27, 6:30 PM, $20, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park, 371-0012)

Stephen Kellog and the Sixers

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers

Iron Horse Music Hall, Sunday

Stephen Colbert must hate this album: The Bear is the latest release from Northampton, Mass.-based singer-songwriter Stephen Kellogg and his fifth with band the Sixers. As anyone who’s seen the act perform can attest, this is no one-man show: Kellogg and his bandmates (Kit “Goose” Karlson and Brian “Boots” Factor) cowrote many of the songs for The Bear, a natural progression from their instrument-swapping live performances. The album’s producer, Tom Schick, has called the Sixers a “classic rock” band, and he’d be about right—these guys do old-school, song-driven, rootsy rock music like a less noodly Wilco. See The Bear in its own habitat this weekend when the Sixers play their hometown. (Dec. 27, 7 PM, $25, 20 Center St., Northampton, Mass., 413-586-8686)

Also Noted

This is usually where, to make up for the lack of notable live shows due to the holiday, we try to get all clever and quote lyrics from a Christmas carol. The lack of content wouldn’t even register if this said “Jingle bells/jingle bells/jingle all the way” or some such nonsense. But we’re going to spare you the condescension this year and admit it: Because the Christmas holiday falls on Friday, nothing is happening for two-thirds of our typical music weekend. There’s not much to discuss, really. You should stay home and enjoy the company of your family. If you’re truly at your wit’s end Saturday night, there will still be music in a number of our area bars and clubs, including Blue Hand Luke at Revolution Hall (7 PM, $10, 274-0553) and the Fizziks, in one of their final shows, at Melba Mae’s Riverview Inn in Hadley (9 PM, 696-2246). And sure, by Sunday you kids will probably need a break, so how about an all-ages show: Bogie’s has a teen-friendly rock matinee with Transit, Make Due and Mend, California, the Estate Sale, and Rockit Home (5 PM, $5, 482-4393). Otherwise, it couldn’t hurt you to spend a little time with your mother, right?

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