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The Heat Index


dry, 4

so’s an oven, imbecile, 5

it’s not the, 111

it’s the humidity, 112

it’s the humanity, 112

it’s the stupidity, 112

oh, yes, it bloody well is, 113

kitchen, (get out of), 1

igloo (you’re a fuckin’ riot, Nanook), 34

smithy, (career counseling), 44

Truman, 17

Hiroshima, 17

Nagasaki, 17

million suns, (white hot), 923

one sun, (pretty hot, really), 924


for teacher, 93-94

hot, heat, 623

hot, hot, 302

hot, hotter than hell, 19

in the city, tonight, 53

mess, 42


piping, 14


red, 22


rod lincoln, ix

snakes, 22

stuff, 99

stuuuuff, 217

hot, hot, 217

shit, 211-215


shots, 33

part deux, 34

time in the old town tonight, 9

tub time machine, 82

tuna, 6

water music, 67

Hot, as

anus, 21

Satan’s, 22

Satan’s, (vindaloo), 715

balls, 56

in bike shorts, 57

brass, 59

in a brazier, 60

billy goat, 313

in pepper patch, 314

at folk festival, 715

room 314 at the Desmond Americana, (looking for now), 20

hades, 49

hell, 99

guest room of, 100

hinges of, 100

mother-in-law apartment of, appendix II other people, (see “hell”), 1

tin foil, 63-65

tiara, 63

truss, 64

tighty whities, 64

tampon, 65

whore, 10

two-dollar, 10

two-dollar (Fourth of July),10

four-dollar, (Second of July),10

six-dollar, (Arbor Day), 11

Hotter, than

bunnies rutting in a Snuggie ™, 76

Georgia asphalt, 58

Laura Dern, (saying “hotter than Georgia asphalt”), 67-78

fox, 100

in forest fire, 100

in forest fire, freshly fucked, 101

in a forest fire, not-so freshly fucked, 102

in a forest fire, not-so-freshly fucked, societal taboos, 102-103

June bride, 312

in feather bed, 313

in Gore-Tex sleeping bag, 313

on feather bed, 313

left till July, 314

at folk festival, 715

marmoset in menopause, 63

urinary tract infection, 101

—John Rodat


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