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Cinderella Tales

You’re probably wondering what the image of a young fellow (Nick Abounader) confronting a fearsome ogre (Suzie Dunn) has to do with a show titled Cinderella Tales. Well, this Steamer No. 10 Theatre production tells three Cinderella tales, and one of them, “Billy Beg and the Bull,” comes from Ireland. There’s a boy, a magical bull, an evil ogre, and a princess, and they all come together in a story that’s very Cinderella-esque.

The other stories are “Egyptian Cinderella,” which dates back 3,000 years and features a mistreated princess and a pair of royal slippers; and “The Glass Slipper,” which is the story you probably know quite well.

This is the beginning of Steamer No. 10’s 20th anniversary season; in that time, the good folks at the company tell us, they’ve entertained more than “200,000 children, parents, grandparents and friends.” This suggests that they are doing something—scratch that, a lot of things—right.

Cinderella Tales will be presented Saturday (Oct. 23) at 3 PM, and Sunday (Oct. 24) at 11 AM at Steamer No. 10 Theatre (500 Western Ave., Albany). There will be additional performances Oct. 30-31 and Nov. 6-7. Tickets are $12. For show times and ticket info, visit or call 438-5503.


Zombie Film Feast

What is it with you people and the flesh-eating zombies?

We know you. You’re the ones forwarding that YouTube clip from a Japanese TV show in which a “zombie” attacks kids in their apartment. You’re the ones reading novels that mash up zombies with Jane Austen characters. You’re the ones dressing as zombies to terrorize your unsuspecting neighbors on “zombie walks.”

In other words, you’re the reason the Linda is hosting its 3rd Annual Zombie Film Feast this weekend, which begins Friday at 7 PM with a “zombie coffin art” exhibit and concludes Sunday with the 11th damn zombie flick of the weekend. Films will include the short Alice Jacobs Is Dead starring the legendary Adrienne Barbeau (with director Alex Horowitz in person), and the features Pontypool, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, The Gates of Hell, The Horde, Colin, Resident Evil (and one sequel), Zombieland, Cemetery Man and 28 Weeks Later.

Of course that’s not enough for you ghoulish types. Saturday will also feature a zombie walk, a brain-eating contest, a “Thriller” dance-off, and a Zombie Prom, complete with zombie prom king and queen contest. Part of the proceeds from the prom will support the Hellions of Troy roller derby team, and the prom itself will be hosted by the Wolf of PYX 106.

The 3rd Annual Zombie Film Feast will be held tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 22) through Sunday (Oct. 24) at the Linda, WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio (339 Central Ave., Albany). A full-festival pass is $30; individual event tickets are also available. For full info, visit or call 465-5233 ext. 4.


Michael Franti and Spearhead

Michael Franti is not a witch. He’s you.

Well, not exactly, but the sloganeering rebel rocker does have an almost magickal way of speaking for his audience, loading hip-hop-infused rock anthems with mantras like “Stay Human,” “Power to the Peaceful” and “Everyone Deserves Music.” The former Disposable Hero of Hiphoprisy is a rare conscious crusader in an increasingly cynical industry. His life-affirming lyrics are cut with pointed political critique of American foreign policy, the prison-industrial complex, and environmental degradation. Practicing what he preaches, Franti is vegan, tours in a biodiesel bus, doesn’t use bottled water onstage, and for 10 years has kept a humbling vow to live barefoot.

This tour comes on the heals of The Sound of Sunshine, a beachworthy blend of reggae-pop and folk-rock. British acoustic soul singer Bobby Long will open.

Michael Franti and Spearhead come to Northern Lights (1208 Route 146, Clifton Park) on Monday (Oct. 25) at 8 PM. Tickets are $27. Call 371-0012 for more info.

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