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Super 400

Super 400

The Ruck, Friday

Someday, there’s going to be a sign on Hoosick Street that says, “Welcome to Troy. Home of Super 400 (and Uncle Sam).” The power trio spent a good part of the fall playing rock ambassador to Europe, and boy are the kids crazy for the sound of the Collar City in Stuttgart. This winter, Super 400 head back out for a West Coast run with Stockholm Syndrome, but first they’ll ring in 2011 right at home. It don’t get any more down-home than the Ruck, so expect a rowdy good welcome to the new year. (Dec. 31, 10 PM, $10, 104 3rd St., Troy, 273-1872)

Timbre Coup, Dirty Paris

Red Square, Friday

Timbre Coup (tam-ber koo) can be loosely defined as a “sudden action of tone color; a musical overthrow.” And it’s a good way to describe how the local progressive jamband operate. Timbre Coup sets have been known to stretch way into the wee hours, so it will please the endurance dancers out there to know they’ve been given one of the longest, most festive evenings of the year to throw down. Kindred spirits Dirty Paris will share the stage both figuratively and literally, as the final set of the night will be a “mystery set” dubbed Dirty Coup, which can be loosely defined as a sudden action of funky filth. (Dec. 31, 8 PM, $15-$20, 388 Broadway, Albany, 465-0444)

Rubblebucket, the Alchemystics, Bella’s Bartok

Pearl Street, Friday

You know how they always show different cities around the world celebrating the stroke of midnight on TV? This show is like all of those parties happening simultaneously. At their core, Rubblebucket are one of the grooviest horn-driven Afrobeat bands in the land, but recent tracks and interviews show the band embracing that catch-all slogan of post-apocalyptic positivity (Yes Wave) that originated in these pages. These guys alone could put Dick Clark to shame, but reggae, hip-hop, Balkan folk and gypsy punk get stirred into this New Year’s pot with the addition of Amherst’s Alchemystics and Bella’s Bartok. (Dec. 31, 9 PM, $20, 10 Pearl St., Northampton, Mass., 413-584-7771)

Chris Dukes and Super Friends

Jillian’s, Friday

Pearl Street in downtown Albany will be alight with celebration this New Year’s Eve, and the party at Jillian’s promises to be an all but nucleic bash for the hopping strip, with music courtesy of the Capital Region’s own Chris Dukes. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist recently released Greater Than Me, his latest collection of radio-ready rock anthems and ballads. If the voice sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve heard him sing on commercials for major corporations like General Electric and F.Y.E. Tomorrow (Friday), he’ll sing his own songs (we expect he won’t honor requests for “The Home Depot Anthem”) backed by a band featuring members of Vernacular, Say Uncle and Moxie. The event benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of New York. (Dec. 31, 8 PM, $10, 59 N. Pearl St., Albany, 432-1997)

Summer People, Barrow Burrow, Steer, Barons in the Attic

Valentine’s, Friday

The always-eloquent Howard Glassman of Valentine’s recently sent us an e-mail claiming that the club’s Dec. 31 bash “isn’t for the faint of heart or weak of constitution (or bladder).” We can’t really argue with that. But we also can’t argue with this lineup—Central New Yorkers Summer People play the kind of just-this-side-of-shambolic indie-rock that invites the term “blog ready,” while New York band Steer seem to actually invite the shambolic on songs like “I Am a Cheetah and You Are a Bunny Hunny.” On the local side, you’ll get B3nson favorites Barons in the Attic, Barrow Burrow, and a cover set from members of Beware! The Other Head of Science. Like Howard said, “Bring your A-game,” because you know the bands will. (Dec. 31, 7 PM, $10, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, 432-6572)

Also Noted
Zach Deputy

Tonight (Thursday) at Red Square, catch the live-looping one-man band Zach Deputy, whose latest album, Sunshine, is one of the first studio albums we’ve heard actually use this technology (9 PM, $15, 465-0444). . . . Troy’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que enters a blue period this weekend: Blue Hand Luke will play tomorrow (Friday) for New Year’s Eve (10 PM, free, 383-0400), and on Saturday it’s the Super 400-Tommy Love monster known as Blue Machine (10 PM, $5, 383-0400). . . . 2011 kicks off with a bang at Valentine’s on Saturday with a packed night of punk-rock featuring all-girl trio Public Noise Concern, along with the Killerados, the Black Tie Operation, Plastic Jesus, and Boyish Good Looks (8 PM, 432-6752). . . . There must be some hijinks afoot, because Boyish Good Looks are also set to play Saturday at Putnam Den, along with the Heddy Brothers (7 PM, free, 584-8066). . . . On Wednesday, Savannah’s brings the first metal of the new year with Black John Wayne, Ironweed, and Cletus (8 PM, free, 426-9647).

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