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The late, the great: Joey Ramone will be honored at CBGB in May.

AND IT FEELS SO GOOD: Funk Shop Loomis are reuniting after a couple years of separation. The band, Chad Raymond (singer), Anthony Deso (drummer), Rick Dolback (sax), Big Matt (trumpet), Dain Fiacco (guitar/vocal) and Titian Dion (bass), had a rough breakup before they had a chance to hold a CD-release party two years ago, but they’ve gotten back together to do just that. The Loomis will celebrate their release, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Arthur Scott Verner at his DMS Studios, sometime in June. We’ll keep you posted.

WE’VE GOT BOTH KINDS: Time Warner Cable’s Sounding Board recently covered the Northeast Country Music Association Awards, held at Proctor’s last Sunday, April 14. The station will broadcast the three-hour program on Time Warner Cable Channel 9 on Sunday (April 21) at 1 PM, and on the next two consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays (April 23, April 25, May 7, May 9) at 7:30 PM.

I SING THE BOWERY ELECTRIC: Jed Davis, onetime Albany resident now living in New York City, started a song that got the whole world singing, or something like that. Davis penned “The Bowery Electric,” a tune about late, great Joey Ramone and the hole left in New York City by Ramone’s absence (the singer passed away in the spring of 2001). The song caught the attention of Ramone friend and creative-director-for-life, Arturo Vega, who in turn played it for Tommy, Marky and CJ. They decided to record the song, along with producer Daniel Rey—himself a Davis fan—and the recording will be premiered at New York’s CBGB on May 19. There’s more: On that same evening, 10 young bands will perform their own tribute to Ramone, and one of those songs will be chosen to be the B-side of “The Bowery Electric” when it’s released in June. Visit for contest information. Also on May 19, at CBGB Gallery next door to the club, the paintings of Dee Dee Ramone will be featured—those that will be used as cover art for “The Bowery Electric”—and fans wishing to submit relevant artwork will be guaranteed exhibition space in the gallery.

YOU SAY GOODBYE, I SAY CELLO: Kamikaze Heart cellist Karen Codd has left the group, and former Orange bassist Bob Buckley has joined them. Codd still, thankfully, performs with knotworking (who are playing the Earth Day festival in Troy’s Riverfront Park on Sunday).

HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME: Last winter, Dryer singer-guitarist Bob Carlton put together a nice array of local and not-so-local music in his fine town of Saratoga Springs. He called the event the Anti-Freeze Rockout, and it included many bands playing at various venues throughout Saratoga. This year, he’s holding the Anti-Freeze Rockout in June—don’t ask us, ask him—and he’s looking for talent. So, dust off the keytar and start practicing. Carlton will soon provide us with information on where bands can send demo tapes, and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

HIGH TIMES: Dark-metal threesome eN-DoR-PHiN, who recently became sponsored by Dirtbag Clothing (, will be playing the Continental in New York City tomorrow (Friday, April 19), and you’re invited to be in their audience. Contact to save yourself a seat in the van.

—Kate Sipher

Got Rough Mix items? Contact Kate Sipher at 463-2500, ext. 145 or

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