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A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME . . . : As was mentioned last week, Mike Guzzardi, Dan Dinsmore and Brendan Slater—all from the now-defunct band Clay People—have joined with singer Dan Cohler. What’s the news, you ask? Where’s the beef? The beef is with the name they chose, the already-taken moniker the Illuminati. Talk about an indentity crisis. Well, talk is cheap, and the foursome quickly unveiled their new-and-improved handle, Black Inc., and they’ll unveil their brand-spankin’ new band when they open for Living Colour at Northern Lights on June 17.

TO A DELUXE APARTMENT IN THE SKY: Sounding Board is getting new digs. Actually, all of Time Warner Cable is moving on up, with most of the company’s operations relocating to Rotterdam. (The news division—which plans on starting up the 24-hour local-news channel, Capital News 9, in the fall—is moving to an old bowling alley on Watervliet Avenue Extension in West Albany). The Sounding Board staff are understandably excited about the move, since they’ll move into a space specifically built as a studio, rather than one converted from a storeroom (where they hang their hats now). The crew will tape their last show of the season on June 2 (with the aforementioned Black Inc.), and then they’ll load up the truck and move to Schenectady, hills that is. Expect more of the quality entertainment you’ve grown to love from these folks in the form of a new fall season from a fresh new location.


Caught on tape: Sirsy.

GOING MOBILE: Thought we were done with Sounding Board, didn’t you? Not so fast. A Sounding Board recording truck was recently spotted at the Albany Tulip Fest, its inhabitants hard at work taping the Sounding Board Music Stage—which featured the Wait, Alex Torres and Sirsy. The fruits of their labor will be aired on an upcoming 100th episode special. Keep your eyes peeled for the mobile recording studio at various local-music events and open mikes. Though they are always searching for new acts to air on their show, the Sounding Board staff are particularly desperate for original gospel-music artists. Check them out at soundingboard.htm.

SARATOGA DREAMING: SPAC’s season begins on June 4 with the Pop Disaster Tour, featuring Blink 182, Green Day and Saves the Day, and the second stage, Big Day Out 2, features Cold, 2 Skinnee J’s and Custom. Opening the Big Day Out 2 stage is local band Attic of Love, winners of the Channel 103.1’s Most Original Band Contest, which ran from M

h 18 through last Friday at Northern Lights. Attic of Love edged out the other contenders, the Velmas, Wag and Sirsy, at that fateful final competition—which was judged by various media luminaries, recording engineers and the like—and won themselves the opening slot at the SPAC show.

They’re a traveling band: Arc.

THEY CAME ON BY TWOOSIES TWOOSIES: Elephants and kangaroosie roosies, get yourself to New York City to support Arc’s show at the Baggot Inn on June 1. E-mail arcthe with the subject “I need a F@#kin ride,” and they’ll hook you up with other people heading to the show.

THE NEW PHONEBOOK’S HERE, THE NEW PHONEBOOK’S HERE!: Local glam-punkers the Erotics made it into the July issue of Guitar World—look for Ozzy on the cover—in a piece about Crüefest 2002 (taking place June 8 at the Whisky A GoGo in West Hollywood, Calif.). The snippet describes the event and states that “Music will be provided by Mötley Crüe tribute band Live Wire as well at the Erotics, Sick, Cheshire Grin, Tin Goddess, Rocket Ajax, Hori-Mono, Lovehammers and Carried By Six.” Listed right at the beginning, they are.

—Kate Sipher

Got Rough Mix items? Contact Kate Sipher at 463-2500, ext. 145 or

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